What Aisle Is Castor Oil In And Why Is It Popular? [2022 Guide]

Castor oil is a long renowned substance because of its various uses. You may have heard about castor oil from your grandmother or maybe from someone who has lived in the past. It is not a surprise how this oil is still widely used up to now.

When the castor seeds are pressed, castor oil is extracted which comes in a form of a slightly yellow liquid. This simple oil is very popular that it has been featured many times in various well-known magazines such as The Guardian and even by numerous research projects. You may even have heard about the question “what aisle is castor oil in?” around the mart you’re shopping in or even in your community forum. Some are also asking “does castor oil smell”

There’s no wonder why a lot are starting to get curious about this renowned “wonder oil”.

Castor Oil and its Properties

Ricinus Communis is the scientific name of the castor plant in which the castor seeds are from and the oil is extracted from.  This vegetable oil has various properties that would help you understand more about this substance. Botanical-online.com has the complete information about castor oil that I totally dig and which I am going to share in this article.

  • Castor Oil for Industrial Use

This oil is widely used in various industries such as the production of paint, lubricants, textiles, and parts of different vehicles.

  • Castor Oil for Medicinal Use

Castor oil is originally a laxative but now it is a component of various drugs such as Miconazole. It even is used as an additive in the food industry. This oil has been known to improve blood flow, it also has been known to induce labor in pregnant women but this practice lacks scientific backup. The castor oil used for medicinal purposes is thoroughly refined to remove the toxins so it is highly discouraged to consume castor oil that is unrefined or if you are not sure about the type of castor oil that you have then it is better to not ingest it at all.

  • Castor Oil for Cosmetic Use

Castor oil is widely popular mainly because of this property. From the treatment of eye infections to the thickening of hair, cold-pressed castor oil is the go-to solution for some people I know which is very effective and affordable making it a great option to improve the state of nails, skin, and hair as well as the removal of fine lines and dark spots. 

What’s in Castor Oil?

Castor oil is rich in Triglycerides –an essential fatty acid. It also contains other fatty acids such as linoleic acid, palmitic and stearic. This oil is rich in Vitamin E as well. However pure castor oil can be toxic as it contains ricin known as a toxic substance. Ricin prevents the production of the protein which is harmful if castor oil is ingested in large doses as this could lead to ricin poisoning which is why it is a huge no-no to consume unrefined castor oil. 

What Type of Castor Oil should I buy?

Now that you know a big deal about castor oil, it is time to determine the variant that you should buy according to your preferences. So before I give an answer to the question “what aisle is castor oil in?” It would be helpful to know the difference between refined castor oil and cold-pressed castor oil.  

Cold-Pressed Castor Oil Vs Refined Castor Oil

Cold-pressed castor oil, as the name implies means that the oil is extracted simply by cold pressing the seeds and not undergoing any other chemical means that may alter or remove any important vitamins and nutrients –these essentials are preserved which is why the cold-pressed castor oil is great for hair growth and skin nourishment. However, this type of castor oil is toxic as it contains high levels of ricin (as explained previously).

Refined castor oil, on the other hand, can be ingested as traces of ricin are removed making it safe. This is the type of castor oil used as a laxative and for other medicinal applications, it even is used for various cooking and baking purposes. However, it will have a lesser potency compared to cold-pressed castor oil when it comes to cosmetic and external purposes (skin inflammation and etc.) because the nutrients are already stripped off along with the ricin. Fortunately, the refined castor oil still does best with improving the immune system and the cardiovascular system. 

What Aisle Is Castor Oil In?

The answer depends on the type of castor oil that you need. 

The refined castor oil would be located in the medicine aisle on the laxative section or better yet, you can simply buy from the pharmacy. The refined castor oil would come at a cheaper price compared to its counterpart.

The cold-pressed castor oil can be found in the hair care or body care section mostly located near the cosmetics aisle. Some can even be bought from online shops, but you must ensure that you are buying authentic cold-pressed castor oil from them.

Final Thoughts

Now that is the answer to the question what aisle is castor oil in?  I hope you are satisfied with it, and if you have further information to share, feel free to comment down. If you feel that this article is of help, share this with others too.

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