Twin Xl vs. Twin Mattress- Size Comparison Guide

Furnishing your kid’s room or guest room can be challenging considering the number of choices you’ve to make, including which mattress size to go for – Twin XL or Twin. These size options are not the same, and it’s only right to acknowledge the differences.

In this post, we’ll discuss the significant differences between both mattress dimensions to help ensure you make the right decision.

While twin xl vs. twin mattresses are designed for the same purposes, but the difference in dimension can be substantial. This is why it’s beneficial for you to understand the differences to ensure you make a better choice.

For this reason, we’ve decided to discuss in detail both types of mattress sizes and see how both stack against each other. We hope after this article differentiating between both sizes become easier and ultimately, ensure you get to make the right call. So, without any further ado, let’s get right at it.

Twin XL vs. Twin – Detailed Comparison


Without a doubt, it’s easy to figure out that the Twin XL and Twin mattress sizes are not the same in terms of dimension, and this slight difference matters a lot.

To begin with, the standard twin mattress measures 38-inch by 75-inch, which makes it one of the suitable choices for kid’s rooms. Keep in mind that when they hit high school, they usually outgrow the bed’s length; at this point, you should be considering a new, larger bed size.

But until then, the regular twin mattress is a suitable solution for a kid’s room as it adds more accessories thanks to its space-saving. However, for the extra-long twin, which is also a convenient choice for the kid’s room, and it still works well for a guest’s room and college room bed.

The reason older ones find this mattress a solution to their accommodating issues since it also features a space-saving design similar to its counterpart while being able to accommodate older people with higher length.


When it comes to comfort, both mattresses offer an incredible level of comfort and achieve their intended purposes. A twin mattress is a goto for kids until they outgrow the length, which makes it an ideal choice for a kid’s room.

Not just that, they come with an affordable price tag, which means investing in either mattress sizes won’t require you to break a bank. On the flip, the extra 5-inch length a twin xl mattress offers can increase the level of comfort experienced and make it a suitable choice for the guest room and college rooms. This size can accommodate sleepers over 6 feet tall without having their feet hanging loosely.


In terms of price, the twin XL comes with a more pricey tag and can be costlier to own considering other accessories such as springs, frames, and others.

When it comes to the sheeting for twin xl mattresses as well as other accessories, it’s only fair to say the difference is not so significant. But the accessories for twin bed xl is slightly more pricey, but not so much to be a deal-breaker. One of the many factors that can help guide you in making the right call does not include the cost of the accessories.

Suitable Room Size

Another essential factor to put into consideration when making the call. The ideal room size for a standard room size is 7 feet by 10 feet or 10 feet by 10 feet and can accommodate two mattresses fit in the same room. If you own the counterpart mattress, a room with 7 feet by 10 feet dimension can fit one twin xl mattress, but you would be compromising legroom.

Pros & Cons of Twin Mattress

A twin mattress is available in a bit shorter length, which is the primary differentiation. However, they do offer several benefits.


It’s easy to shop and typical bed size

Comes with an affordable price

Works well with most room sizes

Moving it around is quite easy to move around


Not an ideal choice for two people

It may not suit taller teens or adults

Pros & Cons of Twin XL

Unlike the regular twin size, this bed size comes with an additional 5-inch length, which might be a deal-breaker for some homeowners. The twin XL is also called a dorm bed since it’s best used in college dorm rooms. The additional length was initially introduced in colleges to provide more level of comfort to large-sized athletes.

Now, it has become a popular choice for most parents for guest rooms. Its width is about half of a king sized bed and as long as the king bed. This is how the Split King came into the bedding industry.


Offers more foot space

Almost the same price as its counterpart

Not challenging to move around


Works well with a room with extended length

Wrap It Up

Choosing the right mattress between twin xl vs. twin depends mainly on your purpose and who the bed is meant for. For people with a room that can accommodate an extra 5-inch length, this can really be a significant difference, especially for people sleeping on it.

If your kid is about two years old and can sleep independently, then you should consider purchasing a twin-sized mattress, especially for people without an extra room. But for homeowners with an extra room, or perhaps looking for a space-saving solution quickly for their guest room or college room, the twin XL is your best shot and our top recommendation.

Obviously, making the right call between both mattress sizes isn’t really that challenging. All you have to do to ensure you make the right call is making up your mind regarding what you need to determine exactly what you need the mattress for. It is that simple and straightforward.

In summary, we hope that our guide has made that decision making process a lot easier and ensures that you make your mind up without spending hours searching for the right mattress size for your kid’s room, college room, dorm room, or guest room.

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