Tuft and Needle vs. Casper Mattress Consumer Reports 2021

If you’ve been surfing the internet for a new mattress, you should have come across Tuft & Needle and Casper. Both brands are the most popular options when it comes to bed-in-a-box brands. While these companies are known for offering fantastic beds, you have to make the right call that matches your sleeping needs. So… which brand do you go for?

Could it be Tuft & Needles, with its affordability and simplicity? Or perhaps Casper offering a more balanced foam approach, decent bounce, and excellent Zoned support? Our detailed comparison will help you make a more informed decision.

So without further ado, let’s consider which of the brands to opt for! Keep reading our Tuft and Needle vs. Casper review to ensure you make an informed decision.

Tuft & Needle vs. Casper – Which is the Right Option for You?

Making the right decision can be a bit tricky, considering that each brand has its own benefits and downsides. Below is a quick guide to choosing the right mattress brand to cater for sleeping needs.

Quick Overview of Tuft & Needle

Value for Money

The Tuft & Needle offers an excellent sleep experience without having to break the bank. If price matters to you, then a mattress from T&N can be your go-to. Their line of products comes at a significant discount, which is a clear benefit.

Detailed mattress specification

Tuft & Needle is known to share more information about their mattresses, including the foam’s density. On the flip, Casper does not openly disclose such information, which might make choosing the right model a bit challenging since there is limited information provided.

Quick Overview of Casper

Want more contouring

While mattresses from T&N are quite responsive, it lacks that contouring or hugging sensation Casper offers. Some sleeper prefers more contouring because of the added support and comfort. Therefore, if you prefer this feeling, you should steer clear of Tuft & Needle and towards Casper.

Enjoy memory foam’s comfort

For sleepers who prefer to sleep on memory foam due to the level of comfort it offers would prefer Casper to Tuft & Needle. A Casper mattress comes with a comfort layer featuring 1.5-inch memory foam.

In summary

A lot of customers have shared their excellent experience with products from both brands. With suitable materials, sleek design, and affordable prices, any of one of these brands will offer fantastic support and comfort for a restful night’s sleep.

Similarities Between Tuft & Needle and Casper

We understand that you need to know the difference between them. However, let’s take a couple of seconds to consider the similarities.

While this might seem odd to begin with the similarities,  reflecting on the similarities to better understand each brand’s personalities.

All-foam design

Both Tuft & Needle mattress and Casper mattress come with an all-foam construction. But keep in mind that the feelings are not the same. Each brand has a unique all-foam structure to achieve different levels of comforts and support.


Another excellent characteristic of both brands offers a decent bounce. While both brands are made from foam alone, these products feature unique layers to offer a lively lift.

Multiple Models

Though this factor does not have to do with the product themselves, it’s important to know that each brand offers a lot of models. This means that every sleeper has a higher chance of finding a model that matches their diverse sleeping needs and preferences.


After considering the similarities of each brand, now let’s discuss how they are being made. For better understanding, we’ll look at each mattress construction briefly.


  • Cover – the mattress cover features a soft polyester blend and a zipper design, which makes cleaning and maintaining the mattress freshness easier and hassle-free.
  • Comfort – Casper mattress is made out of a latex-like foam, and features a comfort later to offer some decent, immediate bounce. While this layer provides a quick response to pressure, it enables sleepers to sink in to enjoy more relief from pressure points. Similar to latex, it comes with a proprietary foam to offer a refreshing night sleep, which comes in handy to prevent hot sleep experience.
  • Contour – after the comfort layer is another section of memory foam, which helps slow the mattress response to pressure . therefore, promoting pressure relief and deep body contouring for better sleep experience.
  • Transition – after the comfort layer and the memory foam layer is a transition layer designed to offer Zoned support. This section features a soft and firm, durable polyfoam. The softer one is placed at the bed’s end, and the firmer polyfoam is located at the center. These foams are situated to offer some lift and cushiony relief to the body parts, including the hips and shoulders.
  • Base – the mattress comes with a base made up of premium HD poly foam, which helps maintain the mattress’s structure.

Tuft & Needle

  • Cover – the Tuft & Needle uses a cover made of polyester, which is known for its impressive temperature regulation and breathability.
  • Comfort – T&N dedicate a layer made of the brand’s poly foam, which offers a fast response to pressure for decent bounce and excellent mobility. This layer makes this mattress lively and ensures you stay longer on the bed. Furthermore, it comes with a slight cooling gel to prevent overheating and support chilly night’s sleep.
  • Support – the last layer is usually a 7-inch high-density polyfoam base layer. Also, this section supports your mattress shape and sleeping posture. One of the key differences between Casper and Tuft & Needles is the transition layer. Only the Casper mattress comes with a transition layer, which offers enough support to heavier folks who often have to deal with a sinking feeling.


Obviously, these brands share a couple of similarities, such as all-foam construction. However, they still differ in terms of how they feel despite being made out of only foam. Another noticeable difference between Tuft & Needle and Casper is the number of layers each mattress features. The Casper comes with four layers, while T&N boasts of two layers. But in the end, it comes down to personal preference and needs.

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