Traeger vs. Camp Chef [2022 Updated]

Cooking your food with a pellet grill always make it delicious with a smoky flavor. Aside from this, it is easy to use and maintain, unlike gas and charcoal grill. With this unit, you would be able to make any kind of food with less smoke coming from the machine.

However, Traeger and Camp Chef are one of the most efficient and reliable brands when it comes to the production of the pellet grill. There have been many arguments on which is the best among the two.

This article has been written to make a comparison between these two brands. It would look at their features, pros, and cons.


Traeger is one of the most famous and reliable brands when it comes to the production of pellet grills. This brand was established in 1985, and it has produced a lot of prominent end efficient machines since then.

It does not only specifies in the productions of smokers alone, but Traeger also manufactures hardwood, rubs, spaces, apparel, service parts, and others. Some of its models are Traeger TFS60LZC Grills Select Elite, Traeger TFB29LZA Grills Junior Elite, Traeger Grills Bronson 20 and so on.

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1. Cooking Area and Capacity

This brand produces machines with small cooking space are, and ample cooking space is. The largest cooking space area of grills produced by Traeger has about 1300 square inches. This area can make food for a large number of people with maximum satisfaction within a single period. The lowest cooking space area of grills by this brand has about 173 square inches, which are an ideal one for making food for a family of two or three.

For its capacity, the largest grill can take up to about 12 chickens, 15 rib racks or 12 pork butts at a single time. When compared to Camp Chef, this marque has the largest cooking space area.

2. Temperature

This brand features a Digital Elite Controller that helps users to operate and use the grill without any difficulties. It has its temperature settings within +/- 20 degrees F to cook any variety of food you want.

However, a griller must be fully aware of the type of food he wants to cook in other to set it at its accurate temperature level.

Also, its temperature level can heat up to about 450 degrees at its maximum. But this degree is low when compared to Camp Chef.

3. Portability

Most grills produced by Traeger are portable and lightweight. They are the best option for people who love to smoke and grill foods while on camping or hunting. It has movable wheels that does not only allow you to push it rather than carrying it but also enhances its mobility from one place to another with much ease. Likewise, it can be folded easily, and some of its models come with no wheels.

That is, you can easily store it at the back of your trunk or car and take it to anywhere you want to go.

4. Versatility

Another significant feature about this brand is that it is versatile and can do more than grilling your food only. Grills produced by this brand can be used for searing, smoking, barbequing, roasting, baking, and to do other types of cooking. Likewise, it can be used to produce different varieties of foods at the same time.

5. Warranty

Many users have praised this masque for the production of products that last for an extended period. Most of its models either come with a limited lifetime warranty or comes with a 3-year warranty.

Also, its machines are produced with high-quality materials which do not allow them to fade or disclose easily.

6. Design

This brand uses ultra-durable steel, and a powder coat finish to either make bronze or blue unit. Likewise, these units have linebacker-like sawhorse chassis that help them to stand firm on any ground.


  • Has stainless steel construction
  • Features an electronic ignition
  • Has a large cooking space area
  • Features a digital controller


  • Has a heating problem
  • Models have expensive price rate

Traeger Grills TFB65LZBC Texas Elite 

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3. Camp Chef

Also, Camp Chef is one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the grill market today. Unlike Traeger that was established in 1985, this brand was established in 1990 and just 5 years behind the Traeger brand.

However, today, both brands compete on the same level. It has also produced a large number of grills ranging from gas, charcoal, pellet, etc., and they have all earned a high level of ratings in the market.

Some of the models produced by it are Camp Chef PG24DLX, Camp Chef SMV18S, Camp Chef Flat Top, and so on.


1. Cooking Space

This brand also produces a large size and small size grills. While its largest machine has a cooking space area of about 874 square inches which can make food for a family reunion or a music festival, its smallest unit has a cooking space area of about 429 square inches to make food for three or four people.

This brand also produces two warming racks with its grills. While one is located at the lower part of the machine, the other is located in the upper part of the machine. However, it has less cooking space area when compared to Traeger.

2. Temperature

This brand uses a Digital Probe system that provides you with time-to-time update on the level of temperature of the meat that you are cooking in the unit. This Probe is easy to read without you moving too near to the machine.

Also, it has temperature settings within +/- 20 degrees F to cook any kind of foods you want.

Meanwhile, it can heat up to about 500-degree temperature at a single time. This is stronger and higher than a Traeger grill.

3. Hopper

A hopper is a place in the grill where woods that are used to produce foods are kept. It is mostly found in pellet grills. Camp Chef grills have a large hopper size which can accommodate up to about 18 to 22 pounds. With it, you would be able to cook for a very long time without the need to regularly refill it. Also, it would signal to you anything it needs to be refilled.

4. Versatility

Apart from the fact that this brand is reliable, efficient, effective, and durable, it is also versatile and can be used to do more than just grilling. With it, you can bake, smoke, barbeque, roast, sear, and do all other things. Also, with it, you can make any kind of food you want at the same time.

5. Portability

Another feature that comes with this brand is that it has a compact design and a lightweight feature. A griller won’t face many difficulties taking it along on a camping or hunting. It has movable wheels that do allows you to push it around with much ease rather than carrying it around. However, it can not be easily folded like Traeger grills.

6. Design

It is made with a silver vein finish and features an adjustable top chimney where the smoke passes through to go into the air. Likewise, it comes with its Smart Smoke Technology that gives grillers freedom to adjust the temperature to any level they suit their taste.


  • Has fan for Temp control
  • Features LED temperature display
  • Has a pellet auger
  • Has a large smoking space


  • Poor quality ash removal.

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