Myron Mixon BARQ-2400 Wood Pellet Grill Review [2022 Updated]

For you to get restaurant-quality BBQ, steaks, bacon, chicken, and other grilled dishes, you need to invest in a high-quality grilling machine. Myron Mixon is a renowned brand for anything and everything barbecue. Myron is a prominent champion in the world of Barbecue; he has competed, hosted, and judged on most popular grilling TV shows.

Myron Mixon BARQ-2400 Wood Pellet Grill not only carries the name of a four-time world champion of grilling. But it is also one out of his many products that range from sauces to rubs to smokers. He has written several cookbooks and currently runs a cooking school.

BARQ-2400 Wood Pellet Grill is not just one of the latest grills from Myron Mixon. It's a blend of digital technology and design. This wood pellet grill also doubles as a smoker. Read on as we provide a well-detailed review.

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Features And Specifications

Here we will be looking at the various features and functions of Myron Mixon BARQ-2400 Wood Pellet Grill.

Construction Quality

Myron Mixon BARQ-2400 Wood Pellet Grill was constructed to offer optimum heat, maintain moisture, and retain the food's savory flavor. It is a heavy-duty industrial electric pellet grill with its cooking chamber walls insulated with dual steel. This wood pellet grill is constructed in the USA with the user's interest at heart. It has smart features that provide exceptional results.

BARQ-2400 is wifi enabled, and you don't have to babysit the machine. The PID controller helps regulate temperatures from a distance with your phone without opening the lid. This grill is a perfect option for commercial use. It is built with premium quality materials that outmatch other competitors. The exterior and cooking chamber is designed with stainless steel to distribute and maintain heat evenly. Plus, they are resistant to high heat.

Cooking Space

The total cooking capacity of this grill is 2400 square inches, hence the name BARQ-2400. It can hold up to 7 full-size roasting pans all at the same time.

This pellet grill is suitable for large-sized food such as 12 whole chicken of 6 pounds, 160 jumbo chicken wings, four briskets of about 18 pounds, and 16 St Louis ribs. Also, it comes with four removable racks made of nickel chrome, measuring 27.375 by 20.625. They are easy to wipe clean after each use.

Hopper Capacity

This grill boasts a generous pellet hopper which supplies the grill with fuel during the grilling process. It can hold roughly 20 pounds of pellet, relieving you from babysitting the grill. The burn time of the entire pellet in the hopper is about 28 hours. Plus, it has a cleanout door which offers an effortless cleaning.

Temperature Control Panel

Maintaining a constant temperature throughout the whole grilling process is an easy task. Thanks to the dual internal meat probes. They make it convenient for you to check the temperature without opening the lid. Moreover, the control panel has a user-friendly interface that is easy to operate and regulate.

Also, the integrated exhaust stacks ensure that the fuel is efficiently optimized and an even temperature is sustained. It discharges cool air and evenly circular the heat within the grill.


Myron Mixon Smokers and Grills offers a wide variety of cooking options. They are perfect for slow and low cooking or fast and hot cooking. This pellet grill is well suited for smoking, grilling, baking, and other cooking jobs.


Although this grill weighs about 280 pounds, it is highly movable. It is equipped with locking swivel casters and 10-inches flat tiles for easy maneuvering, storage, and grill transfer. The loving swivel casters also help in stabilizing the grill when placed on any surface.

Additional Features

There is a storage shelf beneath the grill that can be useful for storing pellets and other ingredients. It also has an extra workspace at the side and in front of the grill.

Thanks to the stainless drip pan that gathers all the fragments and crumbs, making cleanup easy.


An electric pellet grill is one of the most convenient cooking appliances for preparing perfectly smoked bacon. Suppose you are scouring for a commercial-grade pellet grill that runs on electricity. In that case, there is no iota of doubt that Myron Mixon BARQ-2400 Wood Pellet Grill is one of the best currently on the market and a good buy.

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