Memory Foam Vs Hybrid Foam- Guide to Choose the Best Mattress

Are you on a hunt for a new mattress? Anyone who has combed the internet on advice about which mattress to get for a new bed or as a replacement has heard both memory and hybrid foams. You have heard praises supporting each of these wonderful beds, but you are still at an impasse about which one is right for you.

Well then, this would be the best article you will read. In this write-up, we will be looking at the intricacies and vital points that you must consider in order to make an educated decision on which foam to buy. We will be pitching each foam type against each other on every vital property and characteristic.

A Quick Overview

First, a brief introduction to the two types of foam.

The memory foam is made mostly from polyurethane, and NASA originally developed it for use by astronauts before the technology was made available to the public. With complaints about memory foam’s usage as mattresses, several other types have been developed, including the gel-infused memory foams, which offers more breathability and distributes heat better.

Hybrid foams, true to its name, are made by combining spring foams with other foam types (including memory foams) to create a more balanced foam type. Hybrid foams choose their materials from several mattress types, offering all the positive sides while replacing the drawbacks with a different material.

Getting into the crux of the matter, we will now discuss the properties you have to consider to choose the best foam for you.

Comfort and Support

You want to have a comfortable and good night’s sleep, which, of course, is not possible if your joints and spine are not well supported.

Memory foams are known for their exceptionally cushioning effect. It allows you to sink it, taking the shape of your body form. It absorbs shock better. If you have a sleeping partner, memory foam will absorb your movements from both ends of the bed, so one person’s movements don’t affect the others. Due to its tendency to easily sink in, memory foams are not very comfortable to sit on. If you move around a lot on the bed before going to sleep, you will have to think twice about getting memory foams.

Hybrid foams give you the best of multiple foam types, bringing you the benefits of memory foams with better support. Hybrid foams offer firmer and sturdier support covered with softer foams. With hybrid foams, you get edge support, which means a firm and rigid feel around the edges of your bed. It gives you more surface to rest on. Sometimes, you might get the sense that you are being prodded by coils hidden beneath hybrid foams, and this can be very uncomfortable and quite frankly annoying.


Memory foams are known for absorbing and retaining your body heat, which can both be a benefit and a detriment. With memory foam, your bed would be warmer during cold temperatures, but you become a sweating mess when the weather is warm.

Hybrid foams, on the other hand, offer more breathability offering a cooler surface by distributing your body heat other than holding on to it. With improved technology, however, gel-type memory foam is designed to be cooler.


Memory foam gives a feeling that soft, warm hands are hugging you to sleep. It draws you to its core, enfolding you and keeping you warm. If you are the type to enjoy sleeping in your mattress as opposed to ‘on it’ memory foams are fantastic. It offers better pressure relief and is softer on your joints and back.

Hybrid foams are much sturdier, with tough, springy core and soft surfaces. It holds your body weight without sinking in. For more support, while still retaining adequate comfort, hybrid foams are guaranteed to do the job.


Over time, hybrid foams become structurally weaker due to the different materials used in building them. When this happens, some layers collapse into one another, and the carefully arranged structure becomes quite inconvenient. Despite typically costing more than memory foams

Memory foam retains most of its quality during their lifetime and usually lasts longer. You won’t have to worry about your mattress losing its comfortable touch.

Therapeutic Effect

Memory foams are not just great cushions; they help relieve pressure sores and joint pains due to their properties. Memory foams are also considered to reduce the pain experienced by people who have fibromyalgia.

Hybrid foams, on the other hand, offer better support for the spine. It allows proper alignment for the spinal column and allows it to stretch well.

Sleeping Position

Thanks to its highly supportive structure, memory foams are great to side sleepers. It stabilizes your joint while giving it enough support. The skeletal girdle is relieved of the stress of holding your body weight, and they are transferred into the foam.

Hybrid foams are great for back sleepers. They are incredible on the spine and both sturdy and soft. It is springy and supports your body movement in bed.


For most of us, the cost is usually a major decision-maker, that’s why it is listed as the last thing to consider. However, the choice is not so clear when it comes to choosing the foam for our mattresses.

This is because, generally, memory foams are usually more expensive than other types, because of the advanced production means needed to create the material. When you are going for one with better cooling technology like ones infused with gel, you are going to be spending even more.

With hybrid foams, your cost will depend on the particular materials you opt for. The steel used in making the springs also contribute to the overall price.


Purchasing a hybrid foam usually requires much more thought as you have to consider the kind of materials that suit you. With memory foam, your choice is much easier and streamline since you know exactly what you are getting and can easily compare prices among different brands.

Operating with the above points in mind will aid you in getting the mattress that will work best for you. There really is no perfect choice as you will have to make some compromises. Having a clear image of what you really need is essential to choosing the best mattress for you.



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