Kamado Joe Classic Review [2022 Updated]

It is not surprising that the internet is largely flooded with product reviews because online reviews are effective ways to let consumers know which products are good and which are not. However, many of these reviews either only offer bitter criticisms or glowing praises to the products that they are reviewing, and thus, they are not helpful to consumers. Hence, in this review, we endeavored to provide consumers with an unbiased kamado joe classic review to let consumers understand the pros and cons of buying this product.

But what is the Kamado Joe Classic? Kamado Joe Classic is a popular grill model manufactured by Kamado Joe Company, Inc. This company was founded in Duluth, Georgia in 2009. Kamado Joe manufactures ceramic grills and grill covers, heat deflectors, and shelf and handle replacement kit.

Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg Compared

Kamado Joe manufactures several grill models. These grill models include the Classic III 18", Big Joe III 24", Projoe, Classic II 18", Big Joe 24", Stand-alone, and Joe Jr. Thus, it is obvious that Kamado Joe does produce a lot of grill models. In this review, however, we will focus on the Kamado Joe Classic.

An unbiased review of Kamado Joe’s grill will never be complete without comparing it to the Big Green Egg grills. The Big Green Egg company, of course, antedated Kamado Joe by several decades since it was established in 1974. But the products of these two companies show much semblance.

In fact, consumers sometimes could not help but say that Kamado Joe's grills are either the red or black versions of the Green-colored grills of Big Green Egg. Some consumers either say that Kamado Joe's grills are just cheap imitations of Big Green Egg's products, while some applaud it for providing greater value to consumers.

But Kamado Joe is an innovative company, and as such, it provides more complete package for consumers who are looking for grills. It pioneered the use of multi-level grilling with its game-changing feature called “Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System” together with the “removable ash drawer” innovation. Moreover, it seems that Kamado is backed up by great financing, and thus, its marketing strategies and tactics are well-oiled.

Kamado Joe Classic Review

In order to get an actual experience of using the Kamado Joe Classic, we've obtained a sample of this product and have used it. In our evaluation of this product, we’ve used the following parameters: design and durability, capabilities (high heat cooking/low heat cooking), ease of use and ease of cleaning, affordability, and warranty.

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Design and Durability

As mentioned above, if you are not keen in evaluating products, you may fail to figure out the difference between Kamado Joe Classic and the products of Big Green Egg. But since Kamado Joe, as a company, is an innovative company, it further enhanced the design of the Kamado Joe Classic. It introduced in its design the multi-level grilling system with its Divide & Conquer Feature and its slide-out Ash Drawer.

The Divide & Conquer is a pretty cool idea. This feature is shown in the cooking setup. The cooking grate lies steady on a ceramic ring, and on it, you can readily add a plate setter or deflector plate. This lets the grill engage in indirect cooking by lifting the cooking grate several inches higher and you can select where to put the special rack for there are various levels to choose from.

Kamado Joe has made this feature a staple feature of all Kamado Joe grills. Other features of the Kamado Joe Classic include its thick-walled heat resistant shell made of ceramic, its light-as-a-feather lift hinge, its control Tower Top Vent, its six-piece multi-panel AMP firebox, its stainless-steel latch, wire mesh gasket made of fiberglass, and its innovative slide-out ash drawer.


The Kamado Joe Classic is capable of both high heat cooking and low heat cooking. Its Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System allows for low heat cooking. With this feature, you can add a deflector plate to position the cooking grate several inches away from the burning ember. Thus, it is both capable of low and high heat grilling.

Ease of Use and Ease of Cleaning

The good thing about the Kamado Joe Classic is that it is also easy to use. With its various features, you can readily grill anything; moreover, this grill is easy to clean. Kamado Joe Classic has a removable ash drawer that you can readily pull out. Thus, you don't need to scoop out those messy ashes from the grill's bottom.


When it comes to its price, it is more expensive than the Big Green Egg Large. The Kamado Joe Classic has almost the same cooking surface as that of the Big Green Egg Large, although the Kamado Joe comes with many added features.


The Kamado Joe Classic comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • It offers excellent ventilation allowing you perfect heat control of this grill.
  • You can shut it down allowing you to put out the ember of the remaining charcoal.
  • It comes with innovative features that make it easy to use.


  • This item is more expensive than other grill of the same size.


Using the abovementioned parameters, we were able to gauge in this Kamado Joe Classic review the merits of buying this product. Although at the onset, the early offerings of the Kamado Joe appeared to be just copycats of those of the Big Green Egg which antedated the existence of Kamado Joe, the recent offerings of Kamado Joe exhibit certain innovative features that make this brand a good buy.

We could say that Kamado Joe Classic is already a product of great innovations, and for this reason, it is surely a good buy. Lastly, you would surely not regret buying this item.

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