How to Curl Hair With a Straightening Iron [2021 Updated]

I admit wearing your hair straight looks really lovely, but if I may ask, have you tried some curls or beach waves on your hair? If you have not, then you must be missing out on a whole lot of classiness. So that you know, curls have become the hairstyle of this current generation. They are being worn by celebrities and thousands of women in the whole world. This hairstyle is one of the beauty secrets of most celebrities you have been crushing on.

Curls or waves have a way of making you super classy. They romantically bounce along with the rhythm of your body as you move. Whether you have a round face, square-shaped face, or an oblong face, curls would look absolutely swish on you. Tell me, which lady does not like making a statement wherever she goes? Definitely none. Do you really want to turn heads as you walk across that hallway? Do you want to be drop-dead gorgeous? Do you want to achieve that high-class look, then try on some curls.

The good news is that you do not have to visit a salon now and then just to have your hair curled. You also do not have to be an expert to get it done. Curls can be done right in the comfort of your home without the help of a professional stylist. In just a short period and with little or no stress, you can create lovely curls with your hair. All you need is the right equipment and adequate knowledge of the processes, which will be thoroughly explained in this article.

Curling the hair is done with a hair tool called hair iron. Hair irons are of different types depending on the hairstyle you want to achieve. There is the straightening iron, also known as ‘flat iron’ or ‘straightener,’ which is used to straighten the hair.

There is the curling iron, which is used to achieve curly effects in the hair. The last is the crimp iron, which is used to create different sizes of crimps in the hair. All these hair irons iron are tools used to change the structure of the hair through heat generated by electricity.

What is a Straightening Iron?

A straightening iron is made of two flat irons. It is used by heating and pressing the two flat irons together, with a substantial amount of hair in between the two irons. The straightening iron is unique among all types of hair irons because it is versatile. It does not only straighten hair but can also create curls. Hence, instead of having to buy different hair tools, buying just a straightening iron will suffice for all the styles you might want to create with your hair.

Now, back to what brought us here:

How do You Curl Hair With a Straightening Iron?

There are different ways you can curl your hair with the help of a straightening iron, but in this article, you would be learning the simplest way, which comes in just a few easy steps.

1. Before you can do DIY curls, you need to understand how your straightening iron works. Hair is something one has to be extra careful with because of its fragility and importance in enhancing beauty. You would not want to make a regretful mistake of damaging your hair, would you? You need to understand the heat settings of the tool. Most hair straighteners – if not all – come with various heat settings. Not having an understanding of the perfect heat setting for your hair might lead to heat damage.

2. Hair comes in different textures, thickness, and length. You might not need to bother much about your hair length when trying to curl, but you sure need to consider its thickness as this will determine the temperature range. For very thick hair, you would need a high heat temperature. If your hair is, however, not really thick, the heat temperature should be set low.

3. If your hair is susceptible to heat and you are scared of heat damage, you can use a protective spray to prepare your hair before curling. This spray does not only prevent heat damage, but it will also help to make your hair ultrasoft and shiny.

3. To work faster, loosely fasten all your hair together with a band. This is to separate the sections clearly you have worked on from the ones you have not so that the ones not done yet will not get in the way

4. Take a small section of your hair and gently clamp the straightening iron on the root of your hair. Gently smooth out its root.

5. With the straightening iron still clamped on your hair and close to your hair root, twist it at a 180° angle in such a way that your hair is half-wrapped around the hair straightener.

6. Gently, start pulling the straightening iron down the length of your hair. If you want loose curls, pull the straightening iron down your hair quickly; the quicker you smooth down, the looser the curls. If you, however, want your waves really tight, slowly pull the hair straightener down your hair.

7. Curl the entire length of that hair section, and once you are done, wrap the curl around your finger, then release.

8. Take another small section and repeat the processes.

If you want beachy waves, which have this not-so-curly undone looks, massage your hair roots with your fingers after curling the entire hair. This would break up some of the curls a little.

How to Curl Your Hair With a Straightening Iron/Straightener


Hair straighteners are available everywhere and easy to get. If you do not have one, you can order online or visit the nearest supermarket to get one. If you have one already, you are good to go.

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