Camp Chef Smokerpro SE Pellet Grill Review [2022 Updated]

Unlike other categories of grills in the market today, pellet units are easy to use, and they produce less smoke. Apart from this, they also work efficiently like a conventional oven which cooks foods evenly. Pellet machines are also versatile and can be used to cook varieties of foods of your choice.

Then if you are looking to buy the best wood pellet grill, we are recommending Camp Chef SmokerPro SE as the best you can get. This article has been written to do a review on this product. It would let you know its features, specifications, and the pros and cons of buying it.

Camp Chef SmokerPro SE pellet grill 

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1. Overview

Camp Chef SmokerPro SE pellet grill is a machine that can help you to make your barbecue delicious with a smoky flavor. This model does not produce a lot of smoke and can be used indoor and outdoor. It uses a grease management system to keep the smoker clean before or after usage. Many features would surely make you love this product.

Some of the features are explained below:

2. Features

Electronic auto-ignition

With Camp Chef SmokerPro SE pellet unit, you don’t need to look for a fire starter or matches. This is because this product comes with an electronic auto-ignition that makes its operation simple and easy. All you need is to push the button anything you are ready to cook and also to push the same button when you are done with the cooking. Also, this electronic auto-ignition makes this grill easy and safe to be used by either old or young.

Large Cooking Space Area

Another major feature that comes with this model is that it has a large space where you can make food for a large number of people. With its 429 square inches of cooking area, you would be able to several rib cuts, a salmon filet, and two whole chickens at a single time.

It is an ideal one for a family gathering or a reunion and in which everyone would be satisfied with the maximum level.

Digital Temperature Control Unit

This product is made along with built-in digital sensor gauge controls and internal cooking temperature controls which allows you to set your food to its perfect temperature level thereby preventing your food from getting burnt or not well cooked. With this grill, all you need is to set your temperature level either “Low” or “High” at settings, and you should be ready to enjoy your delicious food.

Easy Cleanout

This is one quality that makes this machine different and stands out from all other pellet grills. If you are a griller who has less time cleaning your unit, this is a good option for you. With this product, you would only need less time cleaning as it has a smart, easy cleanout design.

It has a bucket where all the grease and oil that drip from the meat drains to. This bucket is located outside the system and can be disposed of within a short period.

Roller wheels

Although this grill has a heavyweight of about 116 pounds, it comes with roller wheels that allow you to move it from one place to another without many difficulties. The roller wheels are located at the back of the machine, and they do not allow make the unit continent to use but also make it possible to be taken along for camping or hunting activities.

Big Hopper

Another trait that this product possesses is that it has a big hopper that can hold up to about 18 pounds of hardwood pellets at a single time. Once you load this grill with a lot of pellets, it would last for an extended period so you would not need to be filling it always. Meanwhile, this pellet helps you to cook your food fast with a lot of smoky flavors.

Temperature Gauge

With the temperature gauge that comes with this product, you would not need to be checking the grill every time which allows smoke to escape from it and at the same time, you would be able to do other things while having your food in the grill. This temperature gauge is easy to read and understand.

3. Specification


This the grill comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer. This long term warranty gives buyers the idea that the grill would last for a long time.

Cleaning and Maintenance

This product is easy to clean and maintain. It comes with a bucket in which all the grease and oil that are coming and from the meat been grilled are draining. Also, it features a patented ash cleanout system which keeps the grill clean always.


This unit has its chamber capacity of about 3,778 cubic inches and a hopper capacity of about 18 Ibs. of pellets. Likewise, it has a height of 42 inches and a weight of 110 Ibs.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Has a built-in sensor gauge controls
  • Has heavy-duty steel construction
  • Versatile
  • The large cooking space area


  • Not suitable during a windy period

Camp Chef SmokerPro SE pellet grill 

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