Camp Chef Smokepro DlX Pellet Grill Review [2022 Updated]

Camp Chef is one of the most famous and recognized brand in the grill industry today. Although it has been in existence for over 20 years, it has made every griller to take an interest in cooking outdoors.

Specifically, when it comes to the production of pellet grills, Camp Chef has earned a lot of ratings and acknowledgment from its buyers for the production of unique and outstanding models.

One of these models is Camp Chef Smokepro Dlx pellet grill.  This article has been written to do a review of this product. It would look at its features, specifications and pros & cons

Camp Chef Smokepro Dlx pellet grill

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1. Overview

Camp Chef Smokepro Dlx pellet grill is one of the best machines to make either an outdoor or indoor cooking in the market today. This unit makes use of pellet, unlike others that use gas or charcoal, and this help to save some cash for another usage.

Likewise, this product is easy to use and does not release a lot of smoke like other grills do.

Also, it does not come at an expensive rate and has a sleek design that would definitely attract you to it. Several features make this grill unique and different from others. Some of these are explained below.

2. Features

1. Dual LED Temperature Readout

One of the significant qualities that this grill possess is that it comes with a dual LED temperature readout. With it, you would be able to read the internal cooking temperatures and internal food temperatures. Since it is two, you can cook simultaneously on this machine, and you would have the accurate temperature of the two foods.

Apart from the fact that this feature would keep a user from the stress of coming to check the grill every second, it would also prevent the food from getting burnt.

2. Ash Removal System

Another essential feature that comes with this product is the ash removal system. With this system, you would be able to keep the unit clean anything you are using it. Since you are cooking with a pellet grill, it is sure that ash would be produced.

However, this product comes with a little door that allows the ash to collect into a small cup.

Disposing of the cup does not require any stress. Also, this system prevents the ash from mixing with the grease and oil that comes out of the meat being grilled, thereby preventing your machine from clogging.

3. Dial Controller

This feature works side-by-side with the dual LED temperature readout that has been earlier mentioned above. This controller allows users to operate this unit without much difficulty and also to cook any kind of food they want.

It gives users the freedom to choose either a shutdown mode, feed, high, high smoke, or low smoke to make any food of their choice. That is, a grilled needs to know the kind of food he wants to make in other to set it at the precise temperature level.

4. Side Shelves and Warming Rack

This product features both side shelves and a warming rack. The side shelves are measured 16 by 12 inches. They serve as a place in which a pre-cooking preparation can be made and also a place where kitchen utensils and spices such as sauces, seasonings, and others are kept very close to the grill. Likewise, users can also make use of the shelves to serve foods for the family.

Unlike other pellet grills, this machine comes with a warming rack. This rack allows grillers to do extra cooking on it if there is no space left in the main grill to do so. Also, a grilled can keep already cooked food in this rack to keep it warm all day.

5. Cookbook

Another quality that many grillers like about this product is that the manufacturer made a cookbook along with the grill. Aside from the fact that the cookbook serves as a guideline and gives step-by-step instructions on how to use a pellet grill especially for those using it for the very first time, it also comes with many recipes which you can try with any kind of food you are making.

This cookbook gives you skills on how to make your food delicious with a smoky flavor.

3. Specifications

Cleaning and Maintenance

This grill is easy to clean and maintain. It requires less stress and time to keep it clean as it comes with an ash removal system and a grease management system that help remove ash, oil, and grease away from the unit.


This product comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.


This grill has machine has its upper cooking space area with the capacity of about 141 square inches, its lower area with 429 square inches and its total rack surface area with about 570 square inches.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Not expensive
  • Has long term warranty
  • Durable and strong


  • Ash clean out does not work sometimes.

Camp Chef Smokepro Dlx pellet grill

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