Buying Guide for Your Breast Milk Storage Bags

The struggle is real for breastfeeding mothers! And you know that the modern world is unfriendly to nursing moms in public. In fact, some are even criticized for doing it in the train station, on the bus or in a park.  For this very reason, most moms find it a struggle to finding a place and perfect timing to pump milk or feed baby when outdoors.

What’s good now is that many countries are starting to support breastfeeding mothers.  There are also campaigns spreading awareness and promoting breastmilk feeding whenever possible.

The American Academy for Pediatrics has also issued a policy stating that babies should be given breastmilk throughout their first year.

And with these recent developments come new innovations – such as breastmilk storage bags. Especially for moms who want to pump and store milk to prepare it in advance, the introduction of these breastmilk bags is so valuable.

How to Choose Breast Milk Storage Bags

Are you a working mother who leaves baby in a daycare or under the care of a nanny?  Do you want to pump and store your milk in advance to make it ready for the next feeding session?  If yes, check out the following for simple tips on how to shop around for these storage bags.

Check for durability

Don’t settle for anything less for baby.  Look for high quality and durable storage bags to get the most out of your purchase.

This special bag should be durable while also hygienic and safe to use.

How much breastmilk can it collect?

Your baby changes and grows each day. Make sure that the bags do not just let you measure the amount of milk to store.  You should also look for a storage bag that comes with clear volume label.

  • A good one should hold enough milk for a specific feeding time, so you don’t need to throw remaining milk.
  • As you know, you should not refreeze remaining breastmilk.
  • With a volume label, it will also be easy for you to check how much breastmilk you’re making.

How to get milk

This factor is about pump ability because it matters for convenience.  When choosing breastmilk storage bags, you should ensure that they are also suitable or compatible with your breast pump that you’ll use to express milk.

By ensuring the bags’ compatibility with the pump, you can prevent milk spillage as well as its contact with bacteria, germs and pathogens.

Ensure that the bags are going to work with your breasts as well. In order to save milk that you’re pumping and protect it from germs, find bags you can easily connect to your breast. If you’re uncertain, you can check the label or with the manufacturer.

Tight Seal

With a tight seal, you can be sure that your milk stays in the bag until your baby will need it.  Having it on the storage bags, you can also make sure that no outside elements are going to penetrate and contaminate the milk.

Some types include double zipper or screw cap type seals.

So when buying human milk bags,   check that they’re also easy to seal to prevent any germs from getting into the milk, as mentioned earlier. Finally, look for leak-proof products.

Convenience and Ease of Use

Make sure that they’re easy and convenient to use, so check that they’re compatible with your breast pump.

Doing so, you will save much time especially by finding that with a stand-up design.  With it, you can conveniently store the bags in the fridge and never worry about spillage.

It might also be a good idea to find one with a pouring spout, which can quickly pour milk into the feeding bottle as needed.

Material of the Storage Bag

Check that it is BPA-free and food-grade plus with heat-sealed seamed portions to ensure that they won’t split, tear and crack.

The bags must also have enough space for dating and labeling.

Do not go for disposable feeding bottle liners or sandwich bags because they can split.

If It Comes With a Package

When shopping for breastmilk storage bags, you should also look for those that come in a package. Usually, you will find those available in 25s or 50s.  They’re also in a transport pouch that can keep them clean, sterilized and organized.

Bonus Tip: Sterilization

Check that the bags are sterilized because sterilization is one of the time-consuming processes that you might not always have the time for doing.

Final Thoughts

Knowing what to look for when choosing breastmilk storage bags, you can ensure that you’re doing the right thing when storing breastmilk in the freezer.

At the end of the day, these freezer bags for human milk can save you time, offer convenience and keep breastmilk fresh and clean when stored correctly.  Keep these things in mind when shopping around and weigh your options to find the best breastmilk storage bags.

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