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Top 4 Best Wusthof Knives in 2022

CTs Team
  Dec 3, 2022 3:27 PM

Expensive – this is perhaps one word that comes to mind when Wusthof knives are mentioned. However, this should not discourage you from buying one, especially if you love spending time in the kitchen!

Even if you go online and read the best Wusthof knives reviews, you will see that many of its users are happy with its quality. It is from a German company backed with over 200 years of experience. From Gordon Ramsay to Jamie Oliver, it is used by some of the best celebrity chefs. The quality is sure to be second to none.

If you are looking for the best Wusthof knives, we got you covered. The options are plenty, and you may end up overwhelmed. Read on and we’ll help you make the right decision.

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Top 4 Best Wusthof Knives Reviews

Below are some of the products that should be on your radar, as well as the features that make them impressive.

1. Wusthof Classic Ikon 22-piece Block Set

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This is from the Classic Ikon product line, so you can expect that it will have similar features to the product mentioned above. The main difference is that it has 22 pieces against to 14 pieces. Plus, the 22-slot block that comes with this set is light-colored.

Like many of the collections from Wusthof, it also comes with tough polyethylene handle. It has three rivets. While it is a durable material, many people noted that they would have been happier if it is made of wood instead.

The edge has been laser-tested to ensure consistent quality. This can also make you confident about its performance, guaranteeing its sharpness. Since it is from Wusthof, you will be happy to know that the knives will remain sharp for a long time.

It also has Precision Edge Technology, a common feature you will find in Wusthof knives. The company uses precision robots to sharpen the blades using a whetstone. The knives were also polished using a special disc to make it sharper than your traditional kitchen knives.


  • Tough full-tang handle
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean


  • Not for small kitchens
  • Synthetic handle

2. Wusthof Classic 36-piece Cherry Wood Block Set

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If you are serious about your knives, then you will hardly go wrong with this set. Even if you read the best Wusthof knife reviews online, you will see that this is favored by many users, including seasoned chefs.

The best thing about this product is that it is a complete set. It has almost every knife that you will need in the kitchen. From peeling vegetables to slicing steak, it is a complete set of knives even for the most discerning users. It also has a honing rod, which will make it easy to keep your knives at their peak performance.

You will also love the cherry block that comes with this knife set. You won’t be compelled to keep the knife in the cabinet. Keep it out in the open and it will make a stylish statement on the countertop.

As it is common with many other knives from the manufacturer, it also has Precision Edge Technology. This is an innovation making sure that the blades stay razor-sharp even after years of use.

Lastly, with the synthetic riveted handles, holding the knives will be comfortable. Not to mention, every knife is also lightweight.


  • Has a stylish block
  • Easy to hold
  • Ergonomic handles


  • No extra slots
  • Expensive

3. Wusthof IKON Cook’s Knife

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If you prefer to buy a single knife than a set of knives that you do not need, then this is one option that should be on your radar. Like all others mentioned above, its quality will also be hard to match.

This 9-inch chef’s knife has an African blackwood handle that perfectly contrasts the steel blade. The handle comes with an ergonomic design, so it will be effortless to hold. It is also worth noting that it is one of the hardest types of wood in the world, so the durability will be unquestionable.

There is no bolster. This mean means that there is no thick part that you will find on the part of the knife that leads to the handle. The entire blade length can be used for cutting. It will also make sharpening the knife a breeze.

While the wooden handle is praised for its durability, some people were unhappy over how it can be slippery. Observe extra caution when your hands are wet.


  • Sleek and contoured handle
  • Extremely sharp
  • Durable


  • Handle can be slippery
  • Balance can be better

4. Wusthof Classic Six-Piece Steak Set

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For those who love steak, this knife set from Wusthof is one of the best products to consider. It comes with six pieces in a single set, so this is perfect for the whole family.

As you would expect from any knife that Wusthof makes, the quality of the blade is hard to rival, making its steep price worth every dollar. It has a precision-forged full-tang, which will remain sharp even after years of use. With its high-carbon stainless steel construction, you can also be confident that it will stay razor-sharp.

All of the knives included in this set have a length of 4.5 inches. They have a straight and clean edge, making it effortless to glide through the meat. As a result, your meat will have a clean cut, making it more presentable.

The handles, meanwhile, are made from synthetic polypropylene. They are riveted, which will also make them ergonomic. They will resist fading and discoloration, among other possible problems in the physical appearance of the knives.

Like the other options included in this list, make sure that you clean the knives only through hand washing to preserve their superior quality.


  • Clean edges will not shred steak
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy to maintain


  • Poor packaging
  • Does not come with a knife block for storage

What Makes Wusthof Different from Other Knife Brands?

If you want to know how Wusthof is different from the other knife brands you will find in the market, this section is for you!

1. Wusthof vs Henckels

Wusthof and Henckels are two premium brands that you will often hear about when talking about German knives. They both deliver exceptional quality. Henckels came first as it was established in 1731. Wusthof, on the other hand, started only in 1814.

They both use premium materials in their knives to guarantee durability and performance. The handles are made of several materials, including wood and synthetic materials. They also both use the same kind of stainless steel, which contains carbon and chromium. This type of material is known for its exceptional corrosion-resistance.

While they use the same kind of steel, they differ in terms of hardness. The hardness rating of Wusthof is HRC 58 while it is usually HRC 57 for Henckels. Although it is a close fight, it shows that Wusthof knives are slightly harder.

The blade angle is another difference that you will find in these two brands. Wusthof blades are inclined at 14 degrees. In contrast, Henckels blades are inclined at 15 degrees. There is a one-degree difference, which, as many users would agree, does not make a significant difference in terms of sharpness.

You will also see that the handles are different, although, this will vary from one model or product line to another. In the case of Wusthof handles, it is common to have a slight humpback shape without a significant backstop for your pinky finger. It also has a round contour. On the other hand, with Henckels, most knives have a straight handle with a full backstop.

The two are the same in terms of their warranty. They both offer a lifetime warranty on their knives, which is one thing that can provide you peace of mind.

2. Wusthof vs Cutco

While Wusthof is from Germany, Cutco is an American brand. One of the main differences between the two is the number of years the company has been operating. Wusthof has been in the business for over 200 years. On the other hand, Cutco has been in the market only for over seven decades.

When comparing the two brands, we must look at the way they are constructed. Wusthof knives have been forged and stamped, depending on the model you will choose. In contrast, Cutco knives have been stamped. The differences between stamped and forged construction have already been covered earlier in this article.

There are also differences in the handle of the two brands. Cutco knives only come with a single handle design across all models. Meanwhile, you can expect variety in Wusthof knife handles, which can be made of wood or a synthetic material.

In terms of the warranty, it is good to know that both will have a lifetime warranty. However, Cutco has an edge over Wusthof because the warranty coverage applies even if you are not the original owner or buyer.

3. Wusthof vs Shun

As you would most probably know by now, Wusthof is a German brand. Shun, on the other hand, hails from Japan. Both brands are expensive and claim to have exceptional quality. Safe to say, they have reason to make such an assertion because their knives are indeed amongst the best you will find in the global market.

The two brands are significantly different in terms of their blades, which is probably because of the manufacturing process. Shun knives have thinner and lighter blades. Despite this, it has a harder material compared to what you will find in Wusthof knives.

Looking at the product lines of the two brands, you will see that Shun has more to offer. To be exact, they have eleven product lines. In contrast, Wusthof only offers seven product lines – five forged and two stamped.

You will also see differences in their material composition. Wusthof knives are made of high-carbon stainless steel. Shun knives are made of high-refined super steel. Despite these differences, you can expect that both knife brands will offer unmatched durability.

FAQs About Wusthof Knives

Got questions about Wusthof knives? We’ll try to answer some of them below.

1. Why are Wusthof knives expensive?

Wusthof knives are expensive because of their quality. Plus, it is from a reputable brand with hundreds of years of experience making top-notch knives. They are also known for their durability.

2. How do you clean Wusthof knives?

To clean your Wusthof knives, hand-wash them using warm and sudsy water. Use a sponge to clean the surface. You should not put the knives in a dishwasher. Dry the knife thoroughly before storage.

3. What is the best way to sharpen Wusthof knives?

The best way to sharpen your Wusthof knives is to send them to the company. They will sharpen the knife and restore the blade’s peak performance for a minimal fee. Otherwise, you can use Wusthof honing rod or their sharpener.

4. What knife does Gordon Ramsay use?

Gordon Ramsay uses both Wusthof and Henckels knives. These are two of the most popular and reputable brands in the global market, so it is no longer surprising that they are used by a legend in the kitchen.

5. What steel is used in Wusthof knives?

Wusthof knives use X50CrMoV15 stainless steel. It also contains molybdenum and vanadium, two materials that improve the durability of the knives. Aside from being exceptionally tough, these materials are also known for being rust-resistant.

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