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Top 15 Best Gopro for Kids in 2022

CTs Team
  Sep 28, 2022 4:04 PM

Using a wide lens to gain visibility, versatile design can be mounted on the steering wheel or a helmet or the right size for the hand on the go. Of course what parents are looking for is the best Gopro for kids to help them capture every moment when traveling, skateboarding, or other outdoor activities …

Allowing enhanced functionality, they’re harmonious with iOS and Android providing instant sharing among contacts onto social websites these configurations can be corrected to make sure your children are not posting private or improper pictures all around the net.

To guarantee you can get an action camera that’s as practical as a GoPro for children, we give you a synopsis of cheaper yet practical options now. In addition, we have a look at the simplest GoPro to function, for parents who don’t mind spending the additional sum on a real GoPro for kids. Thus, let’s begin!

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Top 15 Best Gopro for Kids

1. Campark ACT74 Action Camera 4K Ultra HD

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Another fantastic waterproof camera for children is your Campark ACT74. Again, this really is a watertight action camera that’s frequently used by adults, but it may be among the very best action cameras for kids also.

The Campark ACT74 permits videos in 4K/30 fps and photographs can be obtained at 16M. There’s also an excellent wide-angle lens attribute, which gives an optional 170 levels for videos and photographs with a broader view.

Like many choices within this review, the Campark ACT74 sports a watertight property, making sure this camera for children stays safe up to a thickness of 100 feet. Consequently, if your children are into water sports, then this camera is a fantastic alternative.

Together with the Campark ACT74, your children also get access to a few of the greatest attributes an action camera may offer nowadays, the remote controller. With the remote management feature, you do not need to fumble about to shoot videos and photos at a minute’s notice.

Most retailers don’t supply this camera using a memory card, but it’s fairly compatible with the majority of choices on the market. The manufacturer recommends a 32GB class 10 memory card, that ought to be formatted before it’s employed in this waterproof camera.

2. GoPro Hero5 Session

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GoPro Hero5 version is not really different from the first version. It has all the elements that make up its product brand and is a later version so it has a few different elements to be one of the best action cameras for kids.

This camera includes almost all GoPro accessories for children. This package includes a separate camera and a frame with Curved mounting, Flat mount, Mounting buckle, along with USB C cable. It is an integrated battery and uses a USB cable to charge and move documents. The SD card is not included in this package.

3. GoPro Hero5 Black

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If you don’t need to pick the top specs, and don’t have the budget to buy the latest generation cameras available on the market, then the Hero5 Black can provide you with a good price. You get 4K video, great slow-motion 240 frames per second, and hard water-resistant build. Battery life is good, and the touch screen is also quite good. Overall, Hero5 Black is a great choice for children.

4. GoPro Hero4 Silver

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Saving and creating Videos onto your camera was made simple, thanks to the Gopro Hero4. The unit has smart features to produce your video shooting pleasure and pleasurable. With the support of its inbuilt touch screen, this camera will make it possible for your children to command the camera easily, and playback smoothly. Its enhanced camera controller and video trimming attribute allow you to edit your movies while letting you conserve shot clips.

Its inbuilt Bluetooth and WIFI attribute supports both the Gopro program and smart distance, which provides you complete control of your device. It’s capacity to generate 720P120 and 1080P60 movie with 12MP photographs at a rate of around 30 frames per second makes your movie shooting pleasure.

Using a 2.7K movie, you can catch high resolution videos. The camera allows you to place your photograph time-lapse to catch stunning photographs in a period of 0.5 to 60 minutes, relieving you all of the hassles of having to accomplish your camera shutter button.

Its watertight property retains the camera functionality at best for as many as 131 feet deep, making it the best Gopro camera to get underwater.

5. GoPro Hero 7 Silver

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Another GoPro product line is the GoPro Hero 7 Silver. With this GoPro Hero Silver series, you can enjoy the joy of having fun, capturing many beautiful images. Here 4K30 Video, allows you to have smoother and clearer videos and photos. This is a solid and watertight feature that you don’t need to care about even when it rains or you drop it into the water.

Feel free to speak when you use GoPro Hero 7, use the voice command properties that if both of your hands are active, you should start recording with just the magic phrase “GoPro”. In addition, it has two different voice commands that you will surely create simpler photography skills. You can swipe or tap the camera screen to take some photos thanks to this GoPro Hero 7 Silver touch display capability.

Another attractive feature of GoPro Hero 7 is its own GPS performance decals, easily track your speed, speed, and space by adding videos to your videos for decal stickers using the GoPro program link to the camera.

6. GoPro HERO8 Black 4K Waterproof Action Camera

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The most recent flagship GoPro version is our favorite activity camera available at this time. A vital distinction in the predecessor (and notably the less costly Hero7 Black) is that you will find fold-out feet, providing you with the benefit that the camera bracket is currently built. Moreover, You may isolate the Hero8 Black with a fresh series of bespoke discretionary extras known as Mods

We especially enjoy the Screen Mod, which adds another screen that’s ideal for vloggers, however, there are loads of other people, such as a Media Mod for enhancing the manufacturing value of your movies, along with a moderate Mod LED lighting also. All these add-ons cost you but if you’re searching for the best actions camera, and also the very best GoPro for picture quality and attributes, then the Hero8 Black is it.

7. AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports 

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Among the favorite video camera options into this GoPro for kids would be your Akaso EK7000. It’s not tough to find out why though, particularly once you see the wonderful movies this reasonably priced device can provide.

There are several fantastic attributes connected to the Akaso EK7000, however, the very first one to mention is that it provides four times the resolution in contrast to classic HD cameras which only for a fraction of the purchase price. Additionally, it will come with good batteries as the Akaso EK7000 includes two rechargeable batteries which could manage 90 minutes of the movie.

Every Akaso EK7000 also will come with a wristband remote controller, which means that you can shoot videos readily while controlling the camera in a distance. Considering that the wristband is not hard to work for videos, you’ll discover that most children can utilize this remote controller also.

The Akaso EK7000 has excellent connectivity also. The apparatus has an integrated HDMI and Wi-Fi, which suggests videos can readily be shared online in a couple of minutes. Additionally, it lets you easily transfer videos to a pc or even a smartphone, maintaining the storage onto the camera best.

8. VTech Kidizoom Action Cam, Yellow

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Vtech Kidizoom Action Cam is a Fantastic choice for GoPro. This activity camera is specially made for children from four to eight years of age. It’s the attributes of GoPro. By way of instance, it’s watertight and mountable. But it’s a lot smaller and cheaper in size to fit nicely in a child’s hand making it among the best choices.

It includes two mounts which could be attached to a bicycle or skateboards etc.. Additionally, it will come with a watertight case. Your child can take photos or videos around 6 feet beneath the water. It’s an LCD display of a 1.4-inch screen. It doesn’t contain a touchscreen. It has the capacity to capture time-lapse photographs and prevent motion videos.

9. GoPro HERO Session Waterproof Digital

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The GoPro Hero Session is just one of the very unique GoPro cameras out there. It bucks the exact same old kind variable GoPro is well known for and carries on a block design rather. This makes it nice and compact without sacrificing some superior features. You get adequate slow movement, fantastic battery life, and a solid build. This camera will not shortage 4K, and you’re stuck with using your smartphone to alter the settings, but these are minor complaints.

10. GoPro HERO7 Black

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In the event you might be trying to find the best Gopro camera for the price, then this HERO 7 collection can allow you to capture stunning moments without having to spend much. The camera includes its rugged design, which permits you to shoot your movies and pictures even on adverse conditions while providing high-quality footage.

Intelligently, the camera uses sound reduction, local tone mapping, and HDR to maximize your photographs automatically. With the support of the burst mode, the HERO7 will shoot 15 vibrant and stunning images of 10MP in a single second.

Throughout the voice command feature, you may use the voice control to shoot crisper photographs and excellent footage. By simply stating “Gopro, begin recording,” your camera will automatically begin recording your movie. For images, you have to utilize”Gopro, have a photograph” voice control, along with your Hero7 is going to finish up.

The camera automobile calls your movement and stays steady for amazing smooth videos. With the support of the time warp movie attribute, you can catch well-stabilized footage because you take a stroll around the scene. Better yet, you may even boost the rate of extended actions to make them sharable around 30x faster without diluting the caliber

11. GoPro Hero7 White

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Another GoPro camera you could purchase is your GoPro Hero 7 White. Aside from the color, as among those variations of GoPro Hero 7, each color, black, white, or silver has a difference regarding several attributes.

GoPro Hero 7 White is an ideal companion for different occasions. It’s a QHD and Complete HD for its picture quality. It’s compact, small, and is watertight. Simple to use with one-touch you may have a fantastic picture. You might even share via mobiles as well as on your buddies with its built-in Wi-Fi connection. It’s excellent sound features, which can be an innovative wind noise reduction with two-mic processing.

12. GoPro MAX — Waterproof 360

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A genre-bending, category-redefining one-man-band of a camera, the GoPro Max is a substantial improvement on the prior 360-degree GoPro camera, the Fusion, also brings 360-degree video to the realm of being a possible expert instrument, instead of a gimmick.

The Max shoots 5.6K movie in most directions, offering a bit less raw resolution compared to the Hero 8 but making up for it with loads of different hints: including four electronic focal lengths, horizon leveling, HyperSmooth stabilization, along with ProTune video editing applications, to mention a couple. We are very impressed by Max in our first evaluations, and we do not think that it’s an exaggeration to state that it could actually change the look and texture of YouTube and vlogging at the not too distant future.

13. Dragon Touch Kidicam 2.0 Kids Action Camera

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Are you thinking about the GoPro product line for kids now, but don’t want to invest heavily in a camera and instead use it for photography and recording? If that’s true, you might consider a less expensive alternative in this type of Dragon Touch Kidicam 2.0.

Although the camera may seem like a children’s toy, do not be fooled by its childish appearance. Dragon Touch Kidicam can record 1080P / 30fps movies and 12 million photos. In addition, it includes six color video modes, allowing more creativity for movie files.

Dragon Touch Kidicam also includes notable battery life. It helps to achieve a large amount of continuous recording time of 150 minutes. The active camera is also made from safe materials, which means you won’t detect any harmful materials in this camera.

14. Nicam WiFi Sports Action Camera

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Nicam generates professional 4k videos in 25 frames per minute and 2.7per cent at 30 frames per second. Its video quality is outstanding because of its price point. Additionally, it captures breathtaking photographs at 12 pictures.

It’s built-in Wi-Fi which makes it super simple to link with any sort of press at any moment. It’s possible to edit the pictures immediately by connecting the camera to your phone with the Wi-Fi. You simply need to download a program named iSmart DV. Its Wi-Fi includes a range of 33 feet or 10 meters. Together with the HDMI output, the photographs can be shown in real-time on any track.

Nicam’s body isn’t quite as rocky as a GoPro but it’s very hard and durable. It includes a watertight case which lets it work with under the water around 100 feet thickness.

15. GoPro Hero+ LCD

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Enjoy rugged and watertight camera to 131″ toes while providing magnificent results for this Hero+ LCD. The camera is designed to withstand harsh outdoor usage. From dirt, dust, water, and sand, this camera may provide you outstanding performance whatever you throw at it. Equipped with the device are user-friendly modes that enable you to capture professional footages. With the support of this SuperviewTM, QuickCapture, and Vehicle low light attributes, you can find an excellent view of the earth.

Its inbuilt touch screen lets you browse through the camera menus, playback and refresh your own footage, and preview your photographs to frame them properly. The camera generates 8MP and 1080p60 videos while letting you relive them immediately.

The burst mode captures five pictures in one second. With the support of a time-lapse style, you are able to automatically shoot stunning photos in a period of 0.5 to 60 minutes. Throughout the WIFI and Bluetooth attributes, it is possible to connect into the Gopro Program and discuss exciting minutes on social websites in a jiffy.

Buying guide for Best Gopro for Kids

GoPro for kids are among the most in-demand little compact camera that’s useful just like a point and shoot camera, but it’s smaller. GoPro for kids fits in your pocket and is lightweight. You might also enjoy the best camera for YouTube. And they’re great to use in whatever sport or activities you’re into. It’s also waterproof so that it is possible to take pictures even in submerged.


Substantial or large Megapixel isn’t a huge deal; the most essential issue is that the camera’s sensor size that it’s the identification of particularly clear photographs could be when caught in dim light. In picking for the ideal point and shoot camera, then you need to think about a massive image detector. And if the camera includes a zoom, it’s vital to search for a bigger detector.

Image and Video Quality

If it comes to video and photograph, its characteristic is vital. As it’s our principal reason why we purchase this kind of camera.


Cost is also necessary for taking a look at a GoPro camera to ensure what you will purchase is worth your finances, and also for your camera, you would like to utilize.

Battery life

The battery is also necessary for searching for a GoPro camera so you could enjoy a protracted shooting time.


Since GoPro is regarded as a watertight camera, it’s also wise to assess if long, profound it could be submerged.


Each GoPro or some other action camera has different features and will have its own needs. You should consider what type of GoPro for kids that completely have the same features like the cameras used by adults so that they can freely explore and return beautiful images.

It can be used as a camcorder for travel trips and use it as a camera when you see a beautiful location. In addition, it can be placed on your wrist using the bracelet to maintain it, in bicycles, pets, or wherever you want.

All of the best Gopro kids we have reviewed have been analyzed and managed to participate in the competition, making them suitable for travel needs.

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