Best Golf Glove for Sweaty Hands Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports 2021

Playing in humid weather or dry season can be a little bit difficult and frustrating. This is because your hands become sweaty quickly, thereby making it hard to have a good grip on your game.

Buying the best golf glove can be difficult with hundreds of thousands of golf gloves on the market today. This post reviews the best four golf gloves for sweaty hands you can purchase. It also discusses the pros and cons of each model and a guide on how to choose the best unit.

Best Golf Glove for Sweaty Hands

Top 10 Best Golf Glove for Sweaty Hands by Consumer Ratings & Reports

1. Callaway Golf Men’s OptiColor Leather Glove


On the list for our best golf glove for sweaty hands is Callaway Golf Men’s OptiColor Leather Glove. This model from Callaway is a great option for golfers looking for gloves to complete the look of their game. It comes in bright greens and reds to help golfer differentiate themselves from others easily. Apart from these colours, other colours of this model include black, blue, grey, light blue, and navy. This product features Opti fit adjustable closure that allows golfers to adjust the model to their comfort.

This leather glove feels excellent both on the palm and on the rear end of the hand. The glove is made with holes that are perfect for keeping the level of moisture as low as possible. Callaway Golf Men’s OptiColor Leather Glove has thin material that helps them dry up very fast when they get wet.


  • Has multiple colours
  • Colours easy to identify
  • Thin and light
  • Features Opti fit adjustable closure
  • Gloves are breathable


  • Dye rubs off onto your hands

2. FootJoy Men’s WeatherSof Golf Gloves


If you are in search of a durable golf glove to play for years, this is what you are looking for. This model from FootJoy is made of leather material that keeps your hand warm while playing your game. Alongside the leather material is mesh insert. This model gives you excellent grip and consistency throughout your game.

With the wrist elastic that comes with this unit, you can easily adjust the gloves to suit your taste perfectly. The glove features a 3-directional tab to help increase tension in the glove. FootJoy Men’s WeatherSof Golf Gloves comes in different sizes such as cadet small, small, cadet medium, cadet large, medium, large, cadet XL large and XL.


  • Durable and comfortable to play with
  • Has wrist elastic
  • Features a 3-directional tab
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Highly breathable


  • Not easy to get off

3. FootJoy Men’s RainGrip Golf Gloves


This model from FootJoy is a perfect glove for golfers that suffers sweaty hands in hot weather. The unit helps to prevent easy loss of grip when performing a golf swing. The gloves are thin, and they quickly get dry up in wet weather. It works perfectly for heat reduction and at the same time are breathable when put on.

FootJoy Men’s RainGrip Golf Gloves is less expensive to purchase compared to other models. The model gives you an excellent grip and allows you to focus on your game. It will enable you to relax your hands with more confidence and make you pay less attention to squeezing. The golf is comfortable to wear and has no grip slippage even in wet weather


  • Thin and easy to dry up
  • Perfect for wet weathers
  • Less expensive
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Has no grip slippage


  • Can only be bought in pairs

4. Bionic Men’s AquaGrip Golf Glove


What makes this model unique and different from others is that it has super durability and dryness for excellent grip. The glove is made of suede microfiber that makes it durable and at the same time, work effectively. It is a perfect unit to play in hot, humid weather. Meanwhile, it also works perfectly for the rainy, dry and sweaty season without any issue of wear and tear.

Since the glove has a golf glove flex with Lycra-material areas, you can easily flex and move your hands with more comfort and flexibility in it. The pre-rotated finger allows you to close your hands quickly while playing. The glove is lighter and gives you a more stable grip on your game. It is made possible through the padding system that comes with the glove


  • Made of suede microfiber
  • Works perfectly for all weathers
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Lighter and gives you a more stable grip
  • Comes with padding system


  • Too expensive

How to Choose the Best Golf Glove for Sweaty Hands

What type of gloves do you need? What should it be made from? How big should it be? These are various questions that run through the mind of a golfer who is in search of a golf glove for sweaty hands.

Unfortunately, these questions are not easy to find an answer to! This is because there are a plethora of golf gloves on the market today. Nevertheless, whenever you want to purchase a golf glove for sweaty hands, here are some factors to consider and some features to look for.

Hand Orientation

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a golf glove for sweaty hands is the orientation of your hand. This factor determines if you are to wear your golf glove on your left hand or your right hand. Meanwhile, it is vital to know that the major rule in the game of golf is always to put the glove on the top hand.

So, if you are a left-handed player, it is advisable to go for right-hand orientation to elevate your game. On the other hand, if you are a right-handed golfer, you should go for left-hand orientation golf.

However, some golfers would love to have these golf gloves on their right and left hand. Hybrid gloves help to protect your hand from the usual blisters and calluses that form as you play golf. You can also go for customized gloves to complete the look of your game.

Golf Glove Type

Another essential factor to consider when buying a golf glove for sweaty hands is the variety of the glove. Brands in the industry produce different kinds of golf gloves. Meanwhile, it is necessary to get the best golf glove. This is because the type of product directly affects how you play and how you experience the game of golf. Golf gloves range from leather, mesh to synthetic, among others.

Leather gloves are the most popular and wide-used glove type on the market today. Leather grips like a second skin are light and durable. However, the material needs adequate care and maintenance. However, if you have no idea how to care for this product, it is advisable to seek help on how to properly care for leather gloves, especially in wet weather. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, are breathable and durable.

Meanwhile, gloves made of 100% synthetic material are more durable when compared to leather gloves. Therefore, it is necessary to have in mind the types of weather you plan to play in before purchasing a golf glove for sweaty hands. But some gloves can be used in all-weathers.

Glove style

The style in which the golf glove is designed with is another vital factor to consider when buying golf glove for sweaty hands. On the market today, golf gloves come in different designs, colours, materials, and others. While some gloves are with adjustable built-in closure tabs that allow golfers to enjoy a more comfortable fitting, others are with no adjustable built-in closure tabs. However, units with adjustable built-in closure tabs are a bit expensive when compared to models with none.

Also, some gloves are thin and perfect for preventing unnecessary bulk. They provide golfers with more comfort when playing their games.


One significant way to elevate your golf game is getting a perfect golf glove. This product keeps your hands safe and also gives it an excellent grip to play a long-distance game. Having a good grip on your golf club is essential to set off the right shots. Hopefully, we believe that this review has helped you choose the perfect glove for your game. Nevertheless, it is advisable to make use of the buying guide reviewed in this post in order to select the model that best suits your taste. Also, you should invest so much in buying the glove to enjoy using it for years.