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Top 20 Best Fitness Tracker for Kids in 2022

CTs Team
  Sep 28, 2022 4:19 PM

Fitness tracker for kids can help them engage in physical activities to improve health such as sports, jogging, walking steps … These watches also help parents easily. Easily monitor the activities of their children. They will also let them measure sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, and more. Obviously, these devices are not just for children. They can be used by adults for all types, such as checking calls, messages, and program notifications in the comfort of your wrist.

Fitness Trackers uses Bluetooth and exclusive programs to connect you with other devices. They use the USB charge to continue for several days. Some of them are waterproof too. They rely on measures, create daily moving goals, and track sleep. They often have fun colors and textures for young people. And many have extra features like games and a benefits system for fun work.

We will take a detailed look at some of the highly recommended fitness trackers for kids and list the advantages of each to help you decide what is best for you and your child.

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    CTs Score is our evaluation score, from 0 to 10 based on the data our tool collects. This score is assessed by our team of experts, not influenced by any individual or organization. Learn more

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    CTs Score is our evaluation score, from 0 to 10 based on the data our tool collects. This score is assessed by our team of experts, not influenced by any individual or organization. Learn more

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Top 20 Best Fitness Tracker for Kids

1. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

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The Let’s come slick monitor all day with the slender, stylish layout. The wise children’s fitness tracker for example calories burned and also busy moments. In the day, the track will monitor children’s sleep cycle and how to sleep and then wakes you up quietly in the daytime. The wise bracelet also includes a telling function so that your children are going to receive calls and texts in a glance in a display.

There is a built-in USB plug so it is quite easy to control to a pc or some other USB source! There are interchangeable rings so that your child will seem stylish. The battery life for this children’s gym will continue for 5-7 days that’s excellent for on the move children. If the children are sitting for extended intervals and playing computer games, then the tracker will remind them to begin moving around to ensure children aren’t inactive for extended periods.

The fitness tracker for children is also quite convenient as it is compatible with the majority of smartphones such as Apple or even Android! This means parents can monitor their children’s fitness progress on nearly all smartphones.

2. Garmin vívofit Jr 2, Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker

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“Head to the unknown” using Garmin’s vivofit jr two fitness/activity tracker. Great for younger Disney fans, the Garmin vivofit jr two-tracker pairs using a smartphone program to encourage children to become more active via 60-minute themed tales. Water-resistant and durable, the Garmin’s vivofit jr two comes in multiple personality styles such as Frozen, Star Wars, Marvel, and much more. Children advance the characters throughout the narrative so as to satisfy action objectives. Along with action, parents can place reminder alarms, motivation, and incentives to finish tasks and chores.

3. Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids

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Even though the initial Ace tracker was like this Fitbit Alta, this variant is newly designed, especially for children. The challenging silicone ring will last more than the metallic ring on the first Ace. It adjusts to your child’s wrist and generally feels comfier. A watertight design signifies the tracker may be worn swimming at the pool or sea.

The Ace 2 monitors steps and complete active moments, such as a 1-hour active moment objective. Incentives such as fun and badges characters offer encouragement to acquire more measures and keep being busy. Bedtime reminders can be set to keep your child on a program. Alerts can be programmed to the lookout to wake them up in the morning too. Like an adult action tracker, the Ace 2 screens sleep routines and nocturnal action.

The Ace 2 is user friendly. 1 button makes it easy to navigate between screens. Clock faces may also be customized and changed. The Ace 2 syncs wirelessly into a telephone. The Fitbit program has two perspectives: a parental opinion and children see. The children’s view enables your child to view restricted stats such as measures, badges, and other essential information. The parental opinion permits you to set over 1 kid so that you can view your entire family on a single program.

4. UNICEF Kid Power Bands

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The cost reflects at the dearth of features on this kids’ action tracker view, but it is a forfeit many parents are eager to create for its educational and give-back advantages. When children complete activity targets, they unlock benefits such as curative food packets that offer concrete products to malnourished children around the globe. A compatible mobile program includes videos that educate children about the cultures and countries influenced by their activities.

There is no GPS or location-tracking, and information is stored for 30 days. This may be an incentive for parents worried about privacy, but you are going to forfeit overall precision and the capability to see long-term action tendencies.

5. BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker Watch for Kids

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This workout tracker watch is intended for children and teens. It’s a very long battery time (it may last for 2 days following charging for 1-2 hours). It tracks distance covered, calories burned, sleep patterns, and contains a vibrating alarm clock.

This watch includes a 60-day money-back guarantee plus a 12-month merchandise guarantee. It is lightweight at 17 g. It includes a USB interface and has a program that is compatible with Windows 4.4, IOS 7.1, and over.

6. PROGRACE Kids Smartwatch with 90°Rotatable

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For parents of kids, we discovered that this smartwatch came out of ProGrace. It’s an interactive opinion, complete with touch screens, games, along with other programs. ProGrace recommends it for children aged 4 years and up.

With comments, you can evaluate the number of steps your child is taking. Although there’s no parent program, it’s simple to handle everything directly from the gadget. The touch screen has a great size of 1.54 inches. Contains will also be FM radio and flashlight.

7. Garmin vívofit jr, Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker

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Undoubtedly that Garmin Vivofit Jr. is among the most popular physical fitness trackers for kids. Among those trendy sorts of things about this specific product is that the battery life that is superb. As a result of the fantastic battery, the CR1632 Garmin stated Vivofit Jr would persist for a year. In any case, most of us understand the way the idea of reward after finishing specific job functions? Yeah, o program, it motivates us to do much more, Garmin Vivofit Jr. rewards your children using virtual coins that could be redeemed for different benefits.

As though that isn’t sufficient the observation works of Vivofit Jr are also quite excellent. It may track your sleep and 60 minutes of recommended daily pursuits. Even though this is very normal for those searching for physical activity, it’s still surprising that this can be implemented in a baby monitoring system because some businesses are off the trail in this aspect. Using a compatible mobile program, your children can perform a 60-minute daily task on this tracker.

8. moreFit Kids Fitness Tracker

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This wise technology exercise tracker seems the part and many certainly produce. It is available in a lot of cool colors that any child will love.

MoreFit has generated something really easy to use without compromising any of the capacities. It is a fantastic purchase for children of all ages and it’ll let you monitor daily pursuits. Installation is fast and simple and also the functions are straightforward enough for a child to function.

The great thing is the MoreFit child’s fitness tracker semi-waterproof. It could withstand splashes of water nonetheless, it can’t be submerged to the pool, tub, sea, or lake. This means that you may wash your hands while wearing it but it can’t be used while swimming.

9. Kids Fitness Tracker Activity Tracker for Kids

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Stylish Guru is just another vendor that wishes to incorporate the children market in each one of the physical fitness trackers it’s sold. The product is almost identical to the mature version, but on account of the color selection and grip mechanism, it is perfect for young men and women.

The Stylish Pro Kids Fitness Tracker supplies all the regular functionality you would expect from a monitoring device: information storage, telephone, and text alarms, sedentary reminders, sleep monitoring, and action monitoring.

Perhaps the most innovative feature is the “anti-lost” system. You’re able to activate the device to make a sound alert from your tablet or phone computer, assisting you to find it. (Always a fantastic idea if your child accidentally loses it down the side of the couch ).

10. Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

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In comparison to many other comparable apparatus, the Fitbit Zip is somewhat different since it isn’t a band-style physical fitness tracker. It employs a clip rather which you are able to attach to various clothing products, like a belt or pocket. The layout has both benefits and disadvantages, which we’ll be talking in a moment but it may be a better choice for kids who do not like wearing anything in their wrist.

It includes an LCD screen that may provide longer battery life in comparison to OLED panels. It employs a touch screen too. The screen is black and white. That is not perfect but seems fine and Fitbit has contained several extra visuals such as a smiley face to make matters more interesting. However, a color screen would have been fine.

Zip has exceptional battery life. The apparatus can last for approximately 6 weeks before it ought to have a brand new battery installed. A traditional-style 3v coin battery is used so it ought to be too hard to replace them. Meaning you don’t need to plug in the Zip into recharge it each week. It’s truly an issue of personal taste that’s the ideal alternative for you. That means it is possible to choose whether you would rather that execution or not.

11. YoYoFit Slim Kids Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor

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This fitness tracker for kids displays your steps, calories, and distance. This makes it possible to do some exercise and teach your children fitness objectives. The heart rate watch comes with a lightweight and slim design which indicates it is ideal for kids of all ages. There is multiple sports manners that are contained in the tracker and documents all of the exercise information so parents can see their everyday activity.

The fitness tracker may synchronize telephone notifications, the bracelet will vibrate and exhibit calls or texts if a message comes from. Fantastic for parents hoping to get hold of their children.

The sleeping track facet of fitness tracker will help capture the heavy, light, and high quality of children’s sleep so parents that want to obtain the track will have the ability to plan a fantastic sleeping habit.

This is among those children’s fitness trackers to purchase as it’s watertight, dustproof, and sweatproof. But it is not perfect for swimming or in the shower. In other words, the vast majority of exercise kids do besides swimming, may be measured in the number of calories have been burnt.

12. Garmin Forerunner 25

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The ideal fitness tracker for teens who’ve outgrown dinos along with Disney characters is your Garmin Forerunner 25 jogging watch. This easy GPS-enabled running watch monitors steps, distance, and calories burned during the day. Garmin’s Forerunner 25 also features an index to indicate children to move when they have been sitting too long. This really is a superb exercise tracker for teenagers seeking to develop a workout program and progress past easy step counting.

13. Kurio Watch 2.0+ The Ultimate Smartwatch Built for Kids 

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Unlike other physical fitness trackers we have looked in, the Kurio Watch is as far as a children smartwatch since it’s an action tracker. The watch may take videos and pictures. They can even be personalized with filters that are fun. Bluetooth connectivity permits parents with the Android apparatus to message their kids and exchange photographs and other websites. Texts and photographs may also be exchanged between friends who also have an identical watch.

The physical fitness aspects are in the Sports Challenge games. Choose from three distinct kinds of games, such as a dance game. The rings are interchangeable and may be customized for a child’s style. Each watch includes two rings, one regular band plus also a color-changing wristband that changes along with your child’s body temperature.

14. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Pink

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This VTech apparatus is much more of a smartwatch in relation to the usual fitness tracker, making it a fantastic solution for kids who covet their parents’ Apple Watches. Though it will have a pedometer that counts steps along with also the capacity to put movement struggles, the true focus is about the amusement features.

We like this smartwatch has incorporated voice recording capabilities and a dual-camera full with filters that are fun. Nonetheless, it’s perspiration – and – water-resistant to keep up with children’s more rocky lifestyles.

15. LeapFrog LeapBand, Blue

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The LeapFrog LeapBand is perfect for parents of younger kids that are searching for inspiration to keep them busy. The tracker is acceptable for ages 4 to 7 and comes in a cute layout.

LeapFrog highlights motivation for the action. The opinion incorporates several features designed to maintain the wearer needing to move longer. Parents praise the material that accompanies it is fun yet sensible.

Together with all the trackers, your little one can fall, jump, jump, and dab from the backyard sprinklers. The opinion is water-resistant, although not watertight, and is a superb companion for a booming preschooler.

16. Fitbit Ace, Activity Tracker for Kids 8+

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Fitbit Ace is an attractive physical fitness tracker, ideal for teens and, most importantly, doesn’t wish to use whatever childlike. This gadget permits Parents to provide badges and prizes to attain their targets and arrange competitions through the Family Account function.

A 128 x 36-pixel resolution display is among the key attractive features of this tracker. With touching you can change to one of ten electronic faces. When Children reach their outcomes and their intentions they have the capacity to share them along with their family and friends connected with their own family accounts in the program.

Contrary to Garmin Jr. two Vivofit, the program is outfitted with two viewpoints: the parent and of their kid. This creates the program safe for kids to follow and utilize.

17. YoYoFit Slim Kids Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor

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YoYoFit is just another superb invention and we enjoy this fitness tracker since it’s an integrated GPS. This will provide you peace of mind, understanding where your child is all of the time.

But this fitness tracker includes a built-in GPS, which is an excellent security feature. There’s also an excellent selection of functions that are included within this tracker, making it a fantastic purchase.

This workout tracker for children is totally dustproof that is very good for outdoor pursuits. But, it’s semi-waterproof. It may be worn in the rain and if washing hands but it cannot be worn while swimming bathing.

18. KARSEEN Fitness Tracker,Fitness Watch U2

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This fitness tracker out of Karseen is the perfect option for kids together with adults. This is a watertight model that means that your little you can wear it with confidence and you do not need to be worried that the tracker will get damaged from rain or some other messy activity.

This fitness watch is also available in 5 exciting colors which makes it an easy job to discover a color your little one will love. The colors include green, pink, purple, black, and blue.

This item can also be backed with a money-back guarantee, which means you may check it out, and if you discover you don’t enjoy it you can return it with no hassles. This fitness tracker costs through a USB jack, and once charged it will do the job for many days before you need to control it again.

Here is the greatest tracker to keep your eye on your child’s measures, sleep, the space they traveled in every day, and the number of calories that they used daily. It is simple to synchronize with the watch for your Smartphone and receive missed calls and message notifications.

19. Kurio Watch, Blue

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Kurio Watch is a smartwatch for children in addition to fitness activities. The plastic is distinguished by children’s engineering, and also the Kurio Watch can be found in blue, pink, and purple. The cozy silicone ribbons have a cause and are ideal for our four and seven-year-old children, though they may require help to use them. The smartwatch physical fitness tracker may take videos and pictures. They may also be outfitted with filters that are fun.

Together with Bluetooth connectivity, parents may connect with the Android apparatus to get in touch with their kids and share photographs and other websites. Texts and images could be exchanged between friends with the exact same clock. The straps are interchangeable and may be adapted to a kid’s style. Every watch includes two rings which are supplied with two rings, a normal tape plus a bracelet that changes color based upon the body dimensions of their kid.

20. Amazfit Bip Smartwatch

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Billed as a smartwatch, the Amazfit Bip is much more of a fitness center tracker compared to the apparatus for selfies and matches. Amazfit Bip includes a GPS, heart rate sensors, along with a battery that can last up to 30 days. This action monitor probably won’t appeal to younger children, but the Amazfit Bip makes for a fantastic physical fitness tracker teens interested in walking, running, and hiking throughout household travels.

Buying Guide for Best Fitness Tracker for Kids

The fact that using exponential growth in the best fitness tracker for kids market is a difficult task and an insurmountable option to discover your best fitness tracker for kids. The problem is not that people don’t understand what to do; however, the development of fitness products promises to take you off the sofa or can help your child move longer to be healthier.

With all these devices, it’s hard to identify the right features at the ideal price. To assist you conquer the increasing number of replacements. Here are the characteristics you will choose to be the best fitness tracker for kids.


Most fitness trackers are made to synchronize using a Smartphone. But, be sure the one you’re trying for is compatible with your mobile phone. Many trackers are synced with iOS and Android, with a couple of exceptions. For example, it’s a common understanding that Apple Watch just works with an iPhone apparatus.


Complex fitness trackers show their voice, numbers, and consumer icon onto a display somewhat like a dial. Other people discuss this information with an easy LED light or program. Prior to making the last choice, have a look at the program’s monitoring app in the Apple App Store or Google Play to see whether your expectations are satisfied.

Battery Life

Based upon the functioning of the apparatus, the lifetime of this battery might change from 1 day to many months. The touch screen using a color touch display and a string of detectors should be billed more frequently compared to a very simple apparatus with LED lights onto the surface. It should also be mentioned that not all trackers are rechargeable.

Water Resistance

Now, the majority of us want our devices to develop with immunity to water thus the idea of our child’s devices not working after a dab gets repulsive to us. Additionally, many children desire to maintain their tracker daily, even at the shower, and if swimming hence you ought to pick a system that may withstand over a spray of water. This may even be helpful for them if they wish to keep tabs on swimming.

Your goals for the Kids

For many obvious reasons, this ought to be the very first issue to take into account before purchasing any fitness tracker for your children. It’d be best if you believed the manner of fitness you supposed your child will probably get involved in; consider the majority of the actions you anticipate from your children. You are able to put a goal of tens thousands of steps every day or burn a specific number of calories each day for them too. This ought to be contained in the decision you may afterward create.


Virtually all fitness trackers are two fundamental elements: fitness monitoring and burning off of calorie intake. But for children, it isn’t rocket science which they’ll delight in the apparatus equipped with an enjoyable sport and also have an interactive stage.


Most children’s fitness tracker actions price between $10, and over. If all you need to your child is a system that lists steps and calorie intake, then an inexpensive device can do just fine. If you’d like a system that enhances their general health, then a sophisticated physical fitness tracker is going to be necessary.


Action is critical for everybody, and getting into the habit of being in the movement should start early. Fitness trackers for kids can help them remain active while having fun. These actions tracking watches are normally lasting and make it effortless for parents to remain current in their children’s activity levels.

From what we’ve discussed, it is always important to find something which works nicely with your own kid. Locate a system that lets you monitor certain functions that are important for you and your child’s lifestyle.

The best fitness tracker for kids will inspire them to get going. Whether it operates by presenting them with an award or using the pure joy of seeing their achievements, action trackers have proven effective in motivating children.

Last, consider just how much you are prepared to spend on an exercise tracker before purchasing one. Bear in mind that children often lose things, therefore it’d be safer to invest less if they shun the tracker. The majority of the above-mentioned watches are approximately around precisely the exact same cost, which can help you earn a fantastic selection.

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