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Top 4 Best Fahrenheit Flat Iron Reviews in 2022

CTs Team
  Nov 30, 2022 7:51 AM

I understand how most of us considered a flat iron to be an essential tool for our beauty kits. However, there are already so many brands to choose from today and I know you often find this overwhelming.

Well, don’t worry as I’m here to help you! I created this Fahrenheit Flat Iron Reviews to help you find the best flat iron that will suit your needs and hair type. 

Now, why did I choose products from Fahrenheit? Well, first and foremost, Fahrenheit offers a wide range of flat irons that perform well in terms of versatility, straightening ability, durability as well as technological innovation and most of all, almost all of their products are budget-friendly and user-friendly.

So if you’re struggling to figure out which tool you should go for, then keep on reading below. I have reviewed four the best-selling Fahrenheit Flat Iron that is definitely worth your money.

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Top 4 Best Fahrenheit Flat Iron Reviews

1. Fahrenheit Professional Slim Line Rubber Flat Iron, Titanium Plate

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The first time I used Fahrenheit Professional Slim Line Rubber Flat Iron I noticed how it heats up quickly, which is impressive enough. Thanks to its 100% titanium, you can give your hair a beautiful shine in just a few minutes. So if you’re someone with extremely coarse hair, I highly recommend this flat iron to you.  

Though this product works great with women who’ve got fine hair too since it comes with a temperature that ranges from 140 to 450-degrees Fahrenheit; we all know how difficult it is to look for an iron that comes with such low temperatures. It also features ionic and far infrared energy technology that can help you straighten your hair and minimize any frizz. I like how this iron can deliver consistent heat to my hair, this means it is capable of conditioning your hair from the inside out at the same time minimize the bacteria while you’re straightening.

Anyway, the plates of this iron come in a standard 1-inch, which is long enough to make it less of a hassle to style the back of your head. And since this iron only weighs 1.6 pounds, it has this sturdy feel that I really like. The handle also has a comfortable grip while its end comes with a loop so you can store it more efficiently. And don't you just hate it when the cord keeps getting tangled up whenever you're trying to style at an angle? Well, luckily Fahrenheit Professional Slim Line Rubber Flat Iron has an 8-foot cord that rotates 360-degrees to prevent these moments to happen.

The only thing I don’t like about this iron is that it doesn’t open up much.  So if you have a very curly hair, I suggest you invest in a pair of heat protectant gloves; though overall this is a great flat iron that is worthy of your money. 

2. Glistening Metallic Rubber from Heat Wave Series by Fahrenheit 1.25” Ceramic Hair Straightener/Flat Iron

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The “Heat Wave” collection is among the bestselling hair straighteners and most high-end line Fahrenheit has ever produced. It comes in different patterns and several colors and the “Glistening Orchid” is just one of them.

What’s great this flat iron is that is made of 100% ceramic (take note that it is not some cheap ceramic-coating like most hair straighteners do), so you are guaranteed that you will get consistent heat output all throughout.  

The plates also have an ionic technology, this means this iron is generating negative ions to help you fight the frizz-causing ions. The negative ions work efficiently in dissipating water to smooth out the cuticle layer as well as in optimizing the heating capabilities to keep your hair healthy.

If you’re someone who has fine hair or hair that gets easily damaged, this is the best flat iron for you. This is because it can keep your hair straight without using too much heat. Its ion technology allows you to achieve the best effect even if you’re keeping the iron’s temperature relatively low.

Overall, I can say that this flat iron is an excellent choice and a great tool for your hair styling. I am impressed with its adjustable temperature too since it makes it possible to change the temperature settings according to your hair type and the style you’d like to achieve. And if you’d like to create different style techniques, you can achieve this with its beveled plates.

Though this product is a bit more expensive compared to similar hairstyling tool, I can say that this is worth it and a great investment in all its capabilities.

3. Fahrenheit Double Trouble Purple Metallic Flat Iron + bonus Mini Flat Iron

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Fahrenheit Double Trouble Purple Metallic Flat Iron + bonus Mini Flat Iron is a combo that would save you from all your hair problems. The set comes with Fahrenheit Heat Wave along with a mini version that is just as good as the larger one. 

This only means that you will always have a reliable hair straightener wherever you may be: you can have one in your bedroom to style your hair before leaving home and one in your handbag or suitcase every time you're on-the-go.

The plates of both irons are made from 100% ceramic and can heat up within 60 seconds after turning it on. I like how this saves me so much time, especially when I’m in a rush during mornings. Both are also the best flat irons for fine hair too as the ceramic plates minimize the heat damage as well as the possibility of snagging.

Moreover, both flat irons feature ionic and far-infrared technology, which is great as it makes sure that you are giving your hair the best possible care every time you're styling and even if you're on-the-go. It will be unlike for your hair to become brittle or snap, it will be smooth and frizz-free. 

Another thing that I should mention is its long swivel cord that makes sure there will be no tangles while you are straightening your hair. Its ergonomic design is not only comfortable to hold but makes the iron very convenient to use too. The bonus is, both irons come in pink zebra print that is just so cute and so chic.

4. Fahrenheit Fht 125Pi Pro Flat Iron

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This Fahrenheit Flat Iron Review would never be complete without Fahrenheit Fht125pi Pro Flat. Whether you like to curl wave, flip or straighten your hair, Fahrenheit Fht125pi Pro Flat Iron can do it quickly. It will make it possible for you to create a bold new look. What's even great is that this iron can help you get rid of frizzy dry hair.

This product is the best way to experience silky, shiny and smooth hair that you’ve always wanted. Thanks to its ceramic plates that is 100% solid as well as its ionic technology. Fahrenheit Fht 125Pi Pro Flat Iron also comes with a temperature that ranges from 140 to 450-degrees Fahrenheit so you can vary the temperature setting according to your hair type.

Other impressive features of this flat iron are its floating plates that improve its styling efficiency as well as its beveled plates that allows you to apply numerous styling techniques.

Features of Fahrenheit Flat Iron

Fahrenheit lives to its brand tagline, “A New Degree of Excellence in Hair Style!" It comprises what you want with a hair styling product: can be customized according to your unique hair type, helps you produce picture-perfect results and most of all easy to use. Thanks to the brand's advanced technology that resulted in innovative styling tools. No wonder why this is among professional hair stylists recommended choice.

Anyway, check out below the best features of Fahrenheit Flat Iron!

1. Pure Ceramic Plates

The brand name of Fahrenheit is linked with perfection since it is equipped with pure ceramic plates that allow Fahrenheit hair styling tools deliver the best and most précised results

Fahrenheit Flat Iron comes with ceramic plates. But unlike other similar flat irons that use ceramic coated titanium plates that can get chipped or scratched as the time goes by, Fahrenheit only used pure ceramic. What's great about pure ceramic plates is that they are more durable and will last longer.

2. Multiple Settings for Temperature

Adjustable control for temperature is very important with any professional flat iron. The versatility of styling your hair would not be possible if this feature is not available. Hence, Fahrenheit Flat Iron made sure they deliver a wide range of temperature, approximately between 140 to 450-degrees. 

In this way, you can flatten your hair no matter what your hair texture is.

3. Floating Beveled Plates

Flatiron today is no longer used for straightening purpose only. Luckily, with Fahrenheit Flat Iron's technology, creating different hairstyles is now possible; thanks to its beveled floating plates. As long as you’re creative enough, you can easily create bouncy waves or luscious curls from your straight strands.

4. Ergonomic Design

Isn't it annoying when your hands get so tired of styling your hair? Well, Fahrenheit had this in mind that they let their developers make sure that their product comes with ergonomic design. Fahrenheit Flat Iron is definitely easy to use and handle and it won't slip from your hands. 

5. Convenient to use

Since I frequently travel, I like how most Fahrenheit flat irons are the perfect companion as they come with dual voltage compatibility. Plus, the iron comes with a swivel cord so you can style your hair without any cold tangling around. There’s also a hook at the end of the iron so you can easily store it by hanging it anywhere you want.

6. Lifetime Warranty

Fahrenheit flat iron comes with a lifetime warranty so you are guaranteed of a lifelong performance.

Isn’t it great to know that whatever your hair type or hair texture is, you can freely use Fahrenheit Flat Iron and be able to achieve professionally styled hair with incredible precision and without any damage to the hair due to too much heat or hotspots?

Tips on How To Choose Flat Iron

When you are choosing for the best flat iron for you, there will always be a number of factors that you need to keep in mind. So I made a checklist below so you can easily compare different products. You can just simply go through the different features to know which items will meet your needs.

  • Select the right plates. Variety of metals are used for straightener plates and the best choice would be titanium and ceramic. What's great about titanium is that it can heat up quickly making it perfect for girls with curly, coarse hair. Ceramic irons, on the other hand, combine value and efficiency.

  • Select the right shape. If you think that all flat irons are the same, then you’re wrong. You need to check the edges of these hair tools as it can affect the iron’s versatility. Irons with slightly rounded plates and outer edges can quickly transition your straightener into a curling iron.

  • Consider the width of the plate. Irons with wider plates make it more easy to straighten your hair.

  • Consider the temperature. I highly recommend you’d choose a flat iron with adjustable heat settings, lowest heat setting can give you the result that you want without risking the health of your hair.


I often look back to all the styling tools I've used ever since I've got obsessed with styling my hair and reflect on how they have evolved so much. And I must say Fahrenheit flat iron is without a doubt one of the best flat irons you can find in the market today.

I hope this Fahrenheit Flat Iron reviews that focuses on four of their bestselling iron will help you find the best tool that will suit the type of your hair. If you have any more question, please don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section below. I’d be more than happy to help you.

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