Top 7 Best Curling Iron for Fine Hair Reviews in 2021

Bring your hair to life! Say goodbye to limp, flat, and boring locks! Now is the time to use the best curling iron for fine hair and see the difference!

Not all curling irons are the same! Especially if you have fine hair, you need to choose one that is gentle enough for thin strands, making sure that you won’t end up suffering from damage.

From the materials used to the design, there are many factors to consider. At all times, go beyond the price of the curling iron.

Boost your confidence with curls! Read on and we’ll help you find the best styling iron that will work for your needs.

Reviews of Top 7 Best Curling Iron for Fine Hair Consumer Reports 2021

Ready to transform your hair? Here are some of the top products that should make it on your list.

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional Curl Machine

The brand name alone can already give you a good reason to choose this curling iron over many of its competitors.

Looking at its features, one thing that makes this product impressive is the nano titanium curl chamber. It draws your hair strands into the chamber, holds it softly, heats, and once released, you will have instantly wavy hair.

You will also love how there are four different timer settings. You can choose from off, 8, 10, or 12 seconds for different types of curls.

It is also worth noting that it has a 3-direction curl control. You can choose from right, left, or alternate, allowing you to create the right waves.

The curling iron also packs smart technology features, such as automatic shut-off, motion sensor, and sleep mode.

Another thing that makes this impressive is the MaxLife PRO brushless motor. This will help improve the precision of the styling iron while also prolonging the functional life of its motor.


  • Makes highly-defined curls
  • Has a steam function
  • Lightweight


  • Can be tricky to use for long hair
  • Does not come with a digital screen

2. Remington CI9538 Pro Pearl Ceramic Conical Curling Wand

One of the highlights of this curling iron for fine hair is how it is made using real crushed pearls.  With this material in the barrel, you can create smoother waves without the frizz. You will feel like you just came out of the salon. This also means that your hair will be less likely to suffer from heat damage.

Aside from the crushed pearl, another thing that makes the construction impressive is the use of the ceramic coating. This delivers consistent heat so that you can curl your hair quickly.

The wide conical barrel is also worth mentioning. This means that you can create gorgeous waves easily and quickly!

It has digital controls and nine heat settings, so you can choose one that is most suitable for your styling needs. For fine hair, however, we recommend that you always go for a low heat setting. It also comes with a small digital display that shows the chosen heat setting.

The swivel cord is also a plus for this product. It swivels at 360 degrees, which means that you will enjoy comfortable styling at any angle.


  • Easy and comfortable to hold
  • Creates smooth and lustrous waves
  • Made with crushed pearls


  • Might get too hot
  • Durability can be an issue

3. Xtava 5-in-1 Professional Curling Iron and Wand Set

The versatility if this curling iron is a compelling reason to choose this over other products available in the market. Five attachments are included, so you can curl your hair in different ways and expect gorgeous outcomes.

Tourmaline ceramic technology is one of the highlights of this curling iron. With the latter, it will produce negative ions. In turn, the latter will help in sealing moisture and protecting the cuticles. This will also be effective in the reduction of frizz and static.

It comes with digital temperature control, which will make the curling iron user-friendly. There is a digital screen that will make it easy for you to monitor heat.

If you want to have peace of mind, you’ll have another good reason to buy this curling iron. Aside from the two-year warranty, the manufacturer is also offering a satisfaction guarantee.


  • Versatile hairstyling tool
  • Good temperature control
  • Has a money-back guarantee


  • The handle can get hot
  • Swapping attachments can be difficult.

4. Kiss Products Ceramic Insta-Wave 1” Automatic Curling Iron

This is a bit bulkier compared to most of the curling irons that are mentioned in this buying guide. It is also a bit heavier. Despite this, this is a high-performing styling tool that will help you have pretty waves in an instant.

It has ceramic ionic technology. This will deliver heat quicker, which means that it won’t take long before your curls are ready. Even better, this also makes your hair shinier. This will add life to your locks.

The patented spinner is another innovative feature that you will find in this product. This will ensure that your hair will be tangle-free every time you use this curling iron.

Another exceptional feature is the curl direction control. This will rotate left and right to produce inner and outer curls. This will add more volume to your hair.

Lastly, there is also a heat control. Although, you can choose only from low and high, which can be quite limited for some people. The maximum temperature that the curling iron can reach is 420 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Different styles for different lengths
  • Has an automatic shut-off
  • Makes your hair shiny


  • Quite heavy
  • Can be awkward to angle

5. Furiden Professional Flat Iron

While this is another top option for the best curling iron for fine hair, you can also use it for straightening your hair. This makes it a great addition to your hairstyling arsenal.

One thing that most people loved in this product is how it only takes 15 seconds for the plates to heat. This reduces the styling time compared to most of its competitors.

Several features will ensure the convenience of the user. For instance, it comes with an extra-long cord and a 360-degree swivel cord. Changing the temperature will also be effortless. You just have to rotate the base clockwise and choose the level of heat that you desire.

Lastly, the curling iron also comes with a 6-month worry-free guarantee. If you are unhappy with how the product works, you don’t have to waste your money. You can receive an unconditional refund from the manufacturer.


  • Heats up quickly
  • Has an extra-long cord
  • Lightweight and compact


  • May not hold hair properly between plates
  • Can have durability issues

6. Nition Professional Salon Hair Straightener and Curler

This is one product that can provide excellent value for money. It is a versatile hair styling tool since you can use it both as a straightening and curling iron.

Aside from versatility, we also like how it is bundled with several accessories. It has attachments that can be used for different hairstyles.

Another highlight of this curling iron is the ceramic coating plate, which allows it to slide smoothly on your hair. This prevents snags. With tourmaline, on the other hand, it will release negative ions, which can help in the prevention of hair damage.

The curling iron also has a metal ceramics heater. It has great thermal conductivity and can heat up in only ten seconds. Although, some people reveal that it does not get too hot. This should not be much of a problem since you don’t need the plates to be too hot for your fine hair.


  • Bundled with accessories
  • Great for traveling
  • Prevents frizz


  • May not get hot enough
  • Feels flimsy and cheap

7. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Ion Smooth + Flat Iron

This is another flat iron that you can also use for making beautiful waves, making it a versatile hairstyling tool to own.

The price can be an issue for some. However, the cost can be easy to justify given the features and performance of this high-end curling iron.

It is also one of the most stylish from the styling irons that are mentioned in this buying guide. It has a matte terracotta finish with metal accents, making it a head-turner.

In front of the curling iron, there is a small digital display. This will let you easily know the exact temperature of the iron and will let you know that it is ready.

Lastly, this is perfect for fine hair because it does not get extremely hot. This means that there is a lesser chance that this can cause breakage or damage.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Heats quickly


  • Expensive
  • May require multiple passes

How to Choose the Best Curling Iron for Fine Hair

One common mistake most people make is to decide based on price. That should never be the case! To make a smart choice, here are the most important things you need to consider.


An important consideration is the material used in the plates. This is what goes in direct contact with your hair. The material should be gentle and must heat consistently.

Ceramic and tourmaline are two of the best materials that you should look for. They are gentle enough on fine hair while also making sure that they will heat quickly. You don’t need to wait a long time before it is ready to transform your locks.


The barrel size is important because it will have an impact on your comfort and ease of use. While you can theoretically use just any size, we suggest that you pick one suitable for the length of your hair.

The longer your hair, the longer is the barrel that you should pick. If you have short, shoulder-length hair, a barrel size of 3/8 inch is enough. If you have long hair, on the other hand, the minimum barrel size should be 1.5 inches.

Temperature Settings

The curling iron must reach the desired temperature within seconds after turning it on. This will make it easy to use since you don’t have to wait a long time before you can start curling.

You will benefit from choosing one that comes with an adjustable temperature setting depending on how thick or long your hair is. If you have fine hair, on the other hand, 250 degrees Fahrenheit will be more than enough.


This is a crucial consideration because it will affect how user-friendly the curling iron will be. Look for one that comes with an ergonomic handle that is suitable for the size of your hand, making it easy to hold. The handle should also stay cool to the touch even if you use the iron for an extended period.


Fine hair is fragile. Using the wrong styling products can lead to breakage and other problems, especially when you apply excessive heat. To prevent this from happening, use only the best curling iron for fine hair, including our recommendations above.

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