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Top 10 Best Chinos for Men in 2022

CTs Team
  Nov 30, 2022 7:00 AM

Chino for men is among the most crucial trousers in a guy’s essential wardrobe. Discovering the proper brand for you can, nevertheless, be a bit of a struggle, I am here to aid you with my top 10 choices for the very best chino for men available on the market nowadays.

Paired with shoes, they all break you from this jean mold and add a little elegance to your everyday wardrobe. We have loads of time to sing praises of this chino later. For the time being, let us enter our favorites and find which ones are ideal for you.

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What are Chinos?

Chinos are essentially a cotton pant initially created for the army. The title chino, meaning, comes from American Spanish. Due to using cotton they’re lighter than better and jeans for summertime temperatures. They’re also in between formal and casual wear and may be dressed up or down.

What’s the Difference Between Khakis and Chinos?

Although many think that Khaki’s and Chinos refer to exactly the identical pant, there’s actually a difference between them both. Both come from a military background and are made from a cotton cloth however Chino’s have concealed stitching providing them a more elegant look which makes them appropriate for dressing up.

Chinos come in a broad selection of colors while Khakis come normally at a tan or cream color. The cloth used in Khaki’s is heavy responsibility while chinos are assembled of lightweight cotton merchandise. Allow me to put it this way, probably you are not likely to be doing lawn work on your J. Crew chinos.

List of 10 Best Chinos for Men

1. Dockers Men’s Slim Fit Workday Khaki Smart 360 Flex Pants


Dockers technically are not even chinos, they are khakis! Dockers, since 1986, has had a stronghold on the American guy’s option for casual work trousers as does their parent firm, Levi Strauss, since the face of denim. However, these are not your daddy’s khakis.

They have fully restored their lineup by introducing brand-new matches and their 360 Flex technology, allowing for a broad assortment of movement, even when bending over. They have also included a handily concealed fifth pocket that zips closed.

Wear this dressed up with your workout shoes and a wonderful button-down shirt or lightly using a barbell, white shoes, and a cozy hoodie. I have worn these myself and they are much superior to initially expected.

2. Levi’s Men’s Straight Chino Twill Pant


It is tough not to appreciate a well-tailored set of dress chinos, but occasionally, circumstances involve something with a little more space to maneuver around in.

The Straight Fit Stretch Chino from Levi’s is that set — it has the timeless quality and structure one would anticipate from Levi’s, and it is made with a lightweight stretch twill comprising 2% elastane (that is where the liberty of motion stems from).

One of the four available colors would suit you nicely, but the legitimate Khaki color is the very best option for fashion which should operate seven days of this week, night or day.

3. BANANA REPUBLIC Factory Mens Aiden Stretch Slim Fit Chino Pants


The infamous chino at a slender fit, reminiscent of Saturday barbecues and film nights with your S.O….or only the late nights on the job, as it’s THAT versatile.

Produced with 97% cotton and 3% Spandex (both breathable and soft stuff ), this is the best set to cop if you’re trying to find a more relaxed set of pants.

Additionally, it matches well through the fashionable, with a slender leg opening and extra stretch to your advantage.

Create your workweek a little more trendy with this simple bit, which you can layer with other things in your wardrobe (i.e. a dress shirt that arrives in a neutral color, or a blazer over a white tee-shirt ).

4. Goodthreads Men’s “The Perfect Chino Pant ” Slim-Fit Washed Comfort Stretch


The Goodthreat chinos have a 97% cotton and 3% Spandex structure that provide the ideal amount of stretch and relaxation. Their slender fit and tapering offer a tailored appearance and, say the people at Goodthreads, are along the lines of J. Crew and Banana Republic chinos.

All these chinos come pre-washed so they’ve got an easy-wearing look in the beginning but without sacrificing a professional vibe. Plus they comprise five pockets that fit into the total design.

5. Bonobos Mens Stretch Washed Chino Pants

Top 10 Best Chinos for Men (2021 Reviews & Buying Guide) 5

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Are you trying to find a more office-friendly set of chinos? Are you sick and tired of the typical dress trousers, which rather throw your entire aesthetic down (and suck concerning comfort)?

Look no more, Bonobos Men’s Stretch Washed Chino Pants will make your workplace outfit a thousand times more bearable!

Made with 98% cotton and 2% Lycra, this set of trousers will certainly get the job done equally as difficult as you concerning comfort, flexibility, and general appeal.

If you are a lover of jeans using a more comfortable fit, then this could be the set of chinos for you. Do not skimp on the fantastic stuff, kiddo.

6. Volcom Men’s Frickin Modern Fit Stretch Chino Pant


Versatility can indicate a lot of things, such as in regards to clothes. In the instance of Volcom’s Frickin Modern Fit Stretch chinos for men, it means that a set of pants you can use throughout the workday and then again on the weekends.

Really, the Frickin Modern Fit Stretch Chino Pants are a fricking excellent fit for your skate park and also the workplace and have a cozy feel you are guaranteed to love.

Made of a cotton and polyester blend, the Frickin Modern chinos have sufficient stretch which permits a broad assortment of movement. Furthermore, they’re very breathable and an outstanding alternative to jeans once the temperatures begin to soar in the summertime.

In addition they feature a classic straight leg match with a normal rise along with a 16″ leg opening. And, they include custom embroidery onto the inside of their left leg along with the Volcom flag label on the rear right pocket.

7. Match Mens Slim Tapered Flat Front Casual Pants


Produced by Match Men is that this low priced (under $50) set of chinos that provides the principles you want to feel confident in your own style. Offered in 45 distinct colors (yes you read that right), it’s among the most colorful choices on our listing.

Therefore, if you’re an Army Gray or Stone Red type of man, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a shade that suits your own unique tastes.

Color aside, this pant consists of 98% cotton and 2% spandex, giving it precisely the same composition as a number of the additional higher-end chinos on our listing.

When these chinos are absent of any customization or design options, the fashions that Match Men did proceed with are rather conservative (single welt back pocket, zip fly, button closure, and a normal slant pocket on front) — which makes it appropriate for any event.

8. Amazon Essentials Men’s Classic-Fit Wrinkle-Resistant Flat-Front Chino Pant


Spending less for chinos does not mean that you receive a lesser product. Case in point: Amazon Essentials’ Wrinkle-Resistant Chino Pants, can be a superb pair of trousers in a budget-friendly cost.

The Amazon Essential chinos include a polyester and cotton blend (60% cotton) with a relaxed appearance and fit. These chinos sit in your waist well and have loads of space in the seat and seat to stay comfortable during the afternoon but without appearing overly tight.

In addition they feature a tapered fit around the knee and crotch regions, in addition to off-seam side pockets. All these chinos also contain two slant pockets and 2 back button pockets, in addition to a zip fly with button closure.

And with 10 colors from which to select, you will not have a lot of trouble pairing these trousers along with your wardrobe.

9. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Big & Tall Big and Tall Classic Fit Stretch Chino Pants


For the bigger built men on the market, the Tommy Hilfiger Big & Tall chino trousers are a blend of new architecture and craftsmanship that’s been put together to make a fantastic pair of chinos.

Relying on a mix of 97% cotton and a marginally higher concentration of spandex (3 percent ) compared to other chinos on our list, give these pants a bit more stretch — which makes it ideal for busy bigger guys.

The added spandex provides just enough give in the fabric which won’t induce the pants to stretch out or rip if only doing a brief run or bending over.

When some businesses provide their chinos in 45 distinct colors, all the aforementioned are conservative selections that can easily be dressed up or down without even appearing out of place.

10. Calvin Klein Men’s Refined Stretch Chino Slim Fit Pant


Even the Calvin Klein brand signifies a lot of items, not the least of which is its own elegant, classy appearance. Their Slim Fit Chinos do not detract from your formulation whilst representing the brand really well.

The Slim Fit chinos are well-tailored — as you would expect from Calvin Klein — and provide a traditional appearance made to match with contemporary wardrobes. They include 98% cotton and 2% Elastane to get a wonderful stretch that offers all-day comfort.

Like most of the other chinos in our evaluations, the Calvin Klein Slim Fit trousers are fantastic for your own workday but also excellent for weekends. You can set them with a Calvin Klein dress shirt or blouse to get a really tasteful appearance.

Other characteristics include practical front and rear pockets and single button closure with a zipper fly.

How to Choose the Best Chinos for Men

When studying all the various kinds of chinos, so as to make comparisons easier and in looking for the very best chino for men, you need to examine them in an impartial way.

Title clout from manufacturers may cloud your perspective on if you’re obtaining a fantastic set of chinos for the body and wallet.

Throughout our study, we identified six Important factors That You Ought to consider when assessing and deciding the top chinos for you:

1. Material / Fabric

When it’s denim, dress trousers, or in this situation, chinos, the substance employed in the structure is just one of the most crucial factors when deciding the high quality and endurance of these trousers.

If it has to do with chinos, we discovered that many (although not all), are produced from a high concentration of cotton.

  • Cotton: A naturally breathable fiber, cotton allows for good airflow and is intimately comfy, particularly if the chinos should be worn all day.
  • Elastane / Spandex / Lycra: An additional fabric that’s finding its way into more contemporary fit chinos is elastane. Typically endangering less than 5 percent of the entire cloth in a pair of chinos, this additional piece of elastane/spandex provides chinos only a small bit extra stretch. Even though it may look ancillary, chinos comprising this stretchable cloth are welcomed by several as it provides you a larger selection of movement within your thighs — particularly if you’re bending or squatting.
  • Polyester / Rayon: Other components commonly found in chinos can vary from synthetic artificial fibers, for example polyester, to some manufactured fiber such as rayon (derived from pure cellulose fiber and is not categorically considered artificial ) and may change both the texture and feel of this pant. These fibers are usually contained in chinos which are bridging the difference between a conventional chino plus a dress pant.
  • Organic Cotton: Not another cloth per se, organic cotton displays the very same attributes as conventional cotton outlined previously. Where organic cotton is different, however, is in the way in which the cloth was produced and sourced.

2. Color

Among the exceptional attributes of chinos is they may be a subtle way to express your own distinctive sense of style. Unlike denim jeans that just come in colors of blue, chinos arrive in a huge array of colors. If you operate in a casual setting and daring colors such as red will not be improper, then have fun.

Now if you’re interested in finding a pair of chinos that you could wear for many different situations, then a conservative color like navy, charcoal, or brown is going to be a better choice.

3. Brands

Just like everything fashion, manufacturers occupy a sizable area of the thought process in regards to considering the alternatives out there.

But we worry that you attempt to break out the tendency of purchasing from particular brands simply because you’re acquainted with these as there are loads of great selections from companies you may not have experienced previously.

While we’ll have a look at the very best chino brands in detail through our testimonials, a couple of standout firms’ men prefer to test out when it comes to chinos comprise BonobosIndochinoTopman and several more.

4. Cost

The price that you pay for chinos may fluctuate greatly from 1 brand to the next.

When some businesses play their new equity and cost their own chinos greater, others take the opposite strategy and provide a fundamental set of chinos with of the extras (i.e. pocket lining, reduced quality closures, etc.).

Dependent on the findings of the study, you need to expect to pay anywhere between $75 and $100 to get an excellent pair of chinos.

Since you see exemplified in our testimonials of chinos, we could locate some fantastic selections that not only were below $50 but also contained some higher-end brands which could satisfy any individual’s character.

Tips for Wearing Chinos

Chinos are somewhat less formal than apparel pants and much costlier compared to casual jeans, which can help make them flexible enough to wear on many different events. The principles for sporting them take into consideration factors like match and color.

1. Fit

  • Can there be one rule for how chinos must match? Not actually, and the match is dependent upon personal taste and tendencies and other hard-to-define guidelines. Generally, however, here are some guidelines to consider:


  • You need to leave enough space from the hips so that you may bend without tearing or straining a seam, particularly in the event that you’ve got bigger thighs than the normal person.


  • Your chinos should fit snugly in your waist but snugly enough that you don’t require a belt to keep your pants from falling out. However, you don’t need them to be so tight that you just feel that the necessity to unbutton them following a hefty meal.
  • Chinos sit on the waist compared to dress pants and ought to rest between the top and mid-hip bone region.


  • Your chinos ought to have a snug fit on the thighs without restricting motion. To put it differently, try to find a slim fit that is not too tight.


  • The period of your chinos is dependent upon how many breaks you need; generally, you need them to get a hem that leaves a small fracture or none in any way. They must also be accessed directly across instead of marginally longer at the trunk.
  • If you frequently go sockless when wearing chinos, then proceed with a small fracture as opposed to no break. Additionally, chinos without a break seem best on shorter guys.


  • If you feel as though your chinos will divide when you sitten they are too tight. On the flip side, you do not need them to be overly tight. If that is true, you might wish to think about moving a size down.
  • Also, focus on the way they fit in the crotch area (the crotch and chair constitute what is considered the”increase” of trousers ). Chinos with a rather low increase only look great on guys with extended legs.


  • Be certain that the match in the calves is not too tight. You ought to be able to put your socks without needing to take off your pants.

2. Occasion

A frequent question regarding chinos is if they are business casual or maybe not. Many would argue they’re not, which you are better off wearing something dressier for all those events, but other state chinos are excellent for biz casual.

Whatever the instance, a set of slim-fit chinos using a button-up shirt (that is wrapped in) with leather sneakers which match this season is a timeless business casual appearance that looks fantastic.

Chinos are acceptable for many contemporary offices and easily rivals the trivial khakis and dress shirt appearance.

There are lots of ways that you can use chinos using a cursory appearance, like pairing them with a blazer of a contrasting color.

3. Shoes and Chinos

One of the numerous reasons that chinos are so flexible is that it is possible to wear them with virtually every kind of shoe.

In the summer months, you are able to wear loafers, shoes, sneakers, boat shoes, and other similar fashions with chinos. In the autumn and winter, set your chinos with boots, brogues, chukkas, boots, etc..

Avoid wearing flip-flops using chinos (or even flip-flops with any pants, for that matter), also with all the dressiest sneakers, for example patent leather Oxfords.

4. Cuff or no Cuff?

If you cuff your chinos or not depends on the problem however, generally speaking, they are excellent for cuffing since their thick, sturdy cloth remains in a place readily.

Keep a couple of things in your mind before you cuff, nevertheless:

  • Cuffing your trousers makes them expose your ankles and socks. The latter is a bolder appearance that is not a no-no, but you should wear attentively
  • Many guys state that cuffing their trousers makes them seem shorter, and that’s why shorter guys might wish to prevent cuffing altogether.
  • Maintain the cuffs brief (1-2 inches) along with your trousers tapered into a narrow leg opening.
  • Never cuff your trousers for formal events.


Deciding on the best chinos for men was somewhat hard. Not only have you got a huge array of brands that make this hot pant, but additionally you have to have a look at the substances utilized in the structure together with sizes, colors, and much more.

But after reading testimonials from countless guys, assessing what other fashion specialists had to say, and much more, we’re convinced our testimonials of chinos above should do the job for just about everybody.

Finding a fantastic pair of chinos in a veritable sea of chinos does not need to be hard. Nevertheless, the ideal set is going to improve your appearance, match your wardrobe, and supply all-day relaxation regardless of the event.

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