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Top 12 Best BMX Bikes for Kids in 2022

CTs Team
  Sep 28, 2022 4:16 PM

BMX is a favorite name in the bicycle world. You’re able to pick it without even thinking too much. From a seasoned freestyle bicycle rider to amateur or child goes with this bicycle as their first option. The best BMX bikes for kids is the initial taste of parents as a present for their beloved kids because its kid-friendly design receives a fantastic belief over them.

It is fun and exciting you can leisurely cruise around with others or earn a race on dirt streets. Some pro BMX riders also enjoy performing tricks too.

And also to keep your pleasure in this outdoor action, deciding on the very best BMX bike is essential. In this guide, we will collectively undergo top-rated choices that I’ve carefully chosen from the marketplace. Continue reading!

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Top 12 Best BMX Bikes for Kids

1. Mongoose Title Micro, Mini, Junior, Pro and Expert BMX Race Bike

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For many adults that are living a hectic lifestyle but nevertheless want to have out there and perform a few amazing tips, I understand your main challenge isn’t getting much time to practice and hone the skills to specialist levels fast. For one thing, the Mongoose Title Expert BMX bicycle is a fantastic option.

It’s equipped with numerous essential characteristics to begin with great direction and full of assurance to ride. The manage control for your read handbrake is a shining example.

It offers you better-stopping electricity than many ordinary BMX bicycles to allow you to track every motion easily, hence, assisting you to accelerate the clinic. A lightweight framework also plays a fantastic part in controlling and additionally, making the bicycle higher move for a fantastic speed.

Another great thing about this BMX bicycle is, you won’t ever pay for features you don’t really need since there’s an extensive assortment of styles to pick from (obviously, with different price ranges). However, the matter is, such a sum of money is guaranteed to be well-spent.

2. X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle

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X-Games FS20 Freestyle is a perfect beginner BMX bicycle designed perfectly for kids. Having a well-constructed framework and metal handlebar, it supplies a fantastic experience to its consumer. As it is a children’s BMX bicycle, it had been created with both safety and durability in mind. But, assembly is rather troublesome for first-timers. When it’s your first time to build a bicycle, you would rather need to have your neighborhood bicycle shop deal with the meeting of the BMX bike. The documentation may appear somewhat confusing for some.

The great thing with all the X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bike however is it is partly constructed. For those who have any experience doing bicycle meeting, then this may not be problematic for you.

But as a result of the durable construction of this X-Games FS20, a few children also discover the bicycle for somewhat too thick. But for smaller children, the bike may be somewhat too thick to do a few tricks. But if it is just for day to day work around the area, the X-Games FS20 Freestyle is a superb alternative that children would readily adore.

3. Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike for-Kids

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The Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike is ideal to catch and visit the local bicycle park. Having a hand-controlled back brake, you will be better able to control the route which may come in especially handy for your security. However, by using the cable de-tangler, you are going to have the ability to disengage the brake lines and get that 360-degree manage bar twist.

You will find aluminum cast mag wheels with sealed bearings which will stop the dust and grime of the bicycle trail from degrading the quality with time. The wheels are 20 inches, and the hi-ten steel framework will encourage your jumps and tricks without an issue. Having a single-speed, this bicycle also includes a one-piece, 170-millimeter twist.

Even though this might not be the most highly-rated Mongoose bike accessible, it has more than the usual decent overall score on Amazon, 3.8 celebrities. The actual selling point for your bicycle, however, is certainly the price.

4. Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike Line for Beginner

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On the lookout to get the wildest trip in a unique and fashionable way? Mongoose Legion L100 Boy’s Freestyle is knocking at your door. Mongoose is one of the greatest BMX bike manufacturers in the world, so quality is guaranteed with no uncertainty. It satisfies all of the characteristics that an excellent BMX needs.

You may personalize your trip with this monster yet; it’s a durable, very lightweight, and also park-ready bike. It’s great for boys only.

5. FatBoy Mini BMX PRO Model 3pc Crank

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The FatBoy Mini PRO contains what that I love from the first BMX bicycle but smaller and more elastic. Though it will not be in a position to perform all “wow” tips as a full-sized edition, there comes lots of qualities that are lasting and high quality enough to make it an ideal selection for both novices and expert riders.

The three most especially updated components are strengthened frame, pedals, and 3-pieces crankset. Along with this built-in black grinding pegs and 6 blue-green tires, the bicycle is a lot more powerful to capably defy the toughest tricks on the market, including epic box tips or rocky terrains. To summarize, if you are a man or woman who especially loves freestyle riding, then this could be exactly what you’re after.

6. Razor Agitator BMX/Freestyle Bike

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Razor Agitator BMX bicycle has some cool features which readily impress any freestyle biker. If you’re a trick rider and looking for a bicycle that’s a 20-inch freestyle frame and includes four axle pegs, then this bike is for you. Many urge this is fantastic for pro-style handlebar spinning because of using 360-degree rotors.

This BMX belongs to freestyle trick adoring bikers since it’s front alloy caliper brakes which help move, jump, and U-turn from some other angle. The framework is strong enough with a stunning brushed end to entice any bikers. Its front metal caliper brakes allow a biker to cease anytime. A biker can ride for hours on this Razor Agitator bicycle as it’s a comfortable padded saddle.

An individual can build this bicycle with minimal work. The four-axle wheels and pegs continue for ages. Besides that, its trendy rotor is for doing 360-degree rotation whenever you desire. The bike appears more appealing with a stunning brushed framework.

7. Elite 20” & 16″ BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle Bike

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Stealth BMX series is thought to be a good beginner-friendly bike intended for kids and teens. It’s perfect not just for the park but also on the street. The framework is constructed from hi-tensile steel. In addition, it made use of a 1-inch standard head-tube plus a stealth metal top loading stem. Aside from its general structure, in addition, it comes with a fantastic gear ratio for people who are only beginning to understand to ride their very first bike. The Elite 20″ BMX The Stealth Freestyle Bike includes a 25/9 equipment ratio making it simple for anybody to use the bicycle.

The meeting is also straightforward. It is simple to put everything together using simple tools or choose to get it constructed on the regional bike store. Although the substances used on the bicycle are durable, some users believe the firm did not put enough focus on aesthetics. Some users complained of this paint fading quickly. The fantastic thing is that these issues do not influence the total functioning of the bike.

8. RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle Bicycle

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The RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike is a BMX bike that is excellent for your small one for all sorts of BMX tracks, tips, and jumps he might want to try. You will find front caliper brakes which are controlled by a manage pump and meeting is a breeze. It’ll come partially assembled, you will only set up the seat, handlebars, pedals, and kickstand, alongside the reflectors and bell.

Since this bike is targeted for kids, it can not skip on the security attributes. It includes a bell, a kickstand even its very own water jar, and an attached cage for this water bottle. Frankly, for a child’s BMX bicycle, you should probably look into getting some of those installed in the event the bike you buy does not already come together. And if you believe a water bottle is not necessary, think about how frequently you’ve got to remind your child to complete his water or suffer a fracture.

9. Eastern 2018 Bikes Lowdown BMX Bicycle

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Eastern Lowdown BMX Bicycle is just another addition in our listing which meets the majority of the attributes that a fantastic BMX needed. It’s most appropriate for the novices as it designed especially for them.

But it created from a hi-tensile steel framework that makes it ultra-durable. Additionally, it has sealed bearing hubs and 25/9 gearing to get control.

10. Schwinn Sting Pro and Predator Cruiser BMX Bike

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I truly adore the retro-style style of Schwinn Predator Team 24. It resides up the Vintage 1983 models flawlessly when displaying all of the touch parts, from the great Chrome color genuine stickers, higher gloss finish, to the Gum wall tires and rattrap pedals.

The candy mix between a BMX and a cruiser bicycle makes it simpler to keep and comfier to ride, particularly for comfy leisure holiday encounter.

From there, I’d say it is a superb alternative for the elderly or individuals who only need an enjoyable and reliable bike to ride around the area.

Nevertheless, the 24″ wheels with steel axels nevertheless permit you to acquire any race on the sidewalk or even the dirt. Meanwhile, the front and the back braking system maintain your security topnotch.

11. Chillafish BMXie-RS: BMX Balance Bike

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Chillafish BMX bicycle is specially designed for little children to find bike riding in a virtual age. It’s a genuine BMX-style bicycle frame that makes the riding much more enjoyable and offers appropriate equilibrium through adjusting to various heights as needed. The height could be secured with at wist and lock technologies for a perfect match every ride. You might also provide the bike more appealing appearance in accordance with your child selection.

ChillafishBMXie-RS: BMX Balance Bike is made from the rubber skin tires with a rubberized outer coating that gives more comfort to ride and excellent grip. The child becomes protected riding because it’s burst-resistant tires that appear to some real one. This trendy bicycle is created out of a powerful and durable ultra-light frame that’s from top quality and fiberglass reinforced.

Its simple height adjustment makes certain the taste to all age children who have any height. As usually children fond of this vibrant decal to connect with their favorite items and this bike can also be designed as their options. In any case, the bicycle becomes a trendy, oversize tube, an instinctive form that shows the color by using their personality.

12. Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series 720 Boys BMX

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A bicycle that’s ideal for both mature users and teenagers, the Tony Hawk Dynacraft Park Series 720 Boys BMX Freestyle Bike is a 24″ freestyle bicycle. It made use of Promax metal to ensure durability together with U-brakes for the protection of its consumers. The handlebar can also be metal threaded which increases the overall durability of this bicycle’s structure.

If you’re anticipating a lightweight bicycle, this is not true with this Tony Hawk Dynacraft Park Series bicycle. This bike weighs about 37 pounds that’s somewhat too thick for teenagers. There’s a reason for this, however. By design, the bicycle is supposed to encourage users even people that are heavy. The bicycle can support users around 275 lbs.

The meeting can also be easy enough for people who have mechanical abilities. All that you need are resources utilized in the comfort of the houses like a wrench and some pliers. But, there are a number of problems which you may wish to understand. As an example, the grips wear off easily in addition to the wheel bearings aren’t precisely the ideal.

Buying Guide for Best BMX Bikes for Kids

A BMX bicycle is the ultimate bike to bike lovers. This bicycle varies from various characteristics and types also. Lightweight and robust bicycle empowers anybody to take some style riding which can be freestyle, dirt jumping, racing, overlap, and cruiser. So contemplating your purchasing goal of a BMX bicycle, there are a number of concerns that have to be considered prior to spend cash.

Rider’s Age

The bicycle was created based on who’ll ride along with his era. BMX mostly targets kids, teens, and adults according to different heights. Before purchasing this bike, you have to consider the age of the rider.

Purpose of Use

A standard configuration BMX bicycle at a minimal cost is really sufficient for kids or teens riding close to the area. However, if you’re a bicycle enthusiast who enjoys horseback riding, racing or dirt jumping, certainly ought to pick the bicycle with a solid frame, fork, 360-degree Cable, and also durable brake.

Bike Frame

You need to understand more about the framework of this BMX bicycle that you’re likely to purchase. Chromoly made framework is the lightest and strongest metal which nearly all of the large configuration BMX bicycles have. Some can also be made using a high tensile steel frame and fork that makes the bike stronger. That means you ought to choose which framework you want to have on your desirable BMX bike.


Bikes are often rated according to their cost, features, durability, and criteria. And according to such aspects, high-quality BMX bicycle prices fluctuate from a hundred to a few hundred dollars. Bike prices also differ from various brands also. So select the very best BMX bicycles with your desirable features and configuration in your budget.

Bike Brake

For greater riding experience, a few BMX bicycles consist of back foot brakes, and a few are offered with front handbrake. For various riding styles, you want a suitable brake. Just like you want a front brake for freestyle, and overlap riding and back brake for dirt jumping and racing. Additionally, you ought to know about turning handlebars such as cable detangler to protect against the brake wires from binding whenever the rider spins. For this reason, you have to think about which kind of brakes you will need to have on your desirable BMX bike.


Now everything you understand about a BMX bicycle for kids and collect all hints will help to decide on the right one with the essential gear. You can also think about carrying a test-riding since the last step before purchasing.

If bicycle riding would be to pay a longer space, then select the timeless design. That is probably the very best all-around alternative. So firstly understand what kind rider you are then going for purchasing the finest BMX Bikes eternally.

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